April 16, 2019

Roofing Supplies: A Complete Guide for Contractors

Roofing supplies are a very specialized part of the construction industry. Here’s what conscientious contractors should know.

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Contractors looking to break into the roofing market or grow their businesses face unique challenges. The industry is competitive and the work is demanding. With the right tools, ambitious contractors can develop their businesses to have an edge over their competitors.

Over the past couple of months, we’ve discussed the basics of starting and growing a roofing business. Here we’ll touch on the most important points from our series.

Success in roofing starts with a great attitude

A great attitude is critical for entrepreneurs to succeed—it’s not always easy because if it was, everyone would be doing it. Everyone faces obstacles from time to time, so remaining optimistic when facing challenges is important.

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Along with the right attitude, planning is important before you develop and execute your business plan. Like sports, businesses require a solid strategy in place to score points against their competitors. By developing multiple solutions to navigate challenges, you’ll be able to quickly adapt to today’s fast-changing environment and accomplish your goals.

If your attitude is on point and you want to become part of a network that will grow your business, get in touch with Roofr. Our services put the best roofing contractors in touch with qualified leads— resulting in more projects and higher revenue!

A review on building a successful roofing business

We’ve covered the most important topics for roofing supply and provided a checklist for contractors looking to start or grow their business. Let’s review the highlights from our recent series.

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Create a checklist

The first step in getting the ball rolling for a roofing business is to create a checklist to help you knock out the basics. Your business needs to be registered so you can acquire necessities such as insurance. This also allows you to obtain all the legal provisions such as permits and licenses—depending on the location, you’ll likely need these to officially conduct business. Obtain the best equipment for your needs and hire people who either have the capacity to grow with the company or are already aligned with your needs and the company’s culture.

Insure your business

Even with proper training, accidents are sometimes unavoidable—insurance allows businesses to recover their costs when disaster strikes. Keep in mind, property insurance won’t cover accidental damages or injuries that occur while performing a repair or installation. Liability insurance covers expenses related to personal injury and damages to the customer’s property that are a result of oversight.

Getting bonded offers peace of mind to customers as it provides an escrow that allows them to recoup costs in case a contractor doesn’t fulfill his end of a contract.

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Finding a great market in the US or Canada

The best place to start your roofing business may not be in your hometown and it might not be the nearest city—finding an ideal location in the US or in Canada means searching for fast-growing areas with great economies. Both residential and commercial properties require repairs or replacements—new development projects present an opportunity to partner with other providers and expand your niche.

Grow and sustain your business with tech

Organizing, planning, and tracking everything relevant to the business are the biggest contributors to success. Software designed for construction management plays a significant role in the modern roofing industry—these systems provide easy to use tools to optimize processes such as inventory management, bidding, and financials.

Websites and social media provide public visibility to your business which is an important part of today’s marketing strategy—roughly four out of five consumers conduct research before settling on a product or service. Remember that communication is the key to all relationships, so make sure that you provide functional channels to promote conversations with your workers. This will help develop a great culture in your company.

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Find the best equipment

Great equipment is not only just a source of pride, but also a valuable resource for your business. Find the best roofing equipment—assess parameters that are important to you and don’t just rely on the brand. The basics of your tool arsenal should include items such as ladders, hand tools, power tools, and other miscellaneous items that make the job easier. Features and design are vital to the selection process—every tool should feel balanced and include features that maximize productivity. Avoid junk tools and don’t skimp on safety gear!

Select the best roofing nail gun

Again, your preferred brand may not be the best option—the best nail guns are defined by features and comfort. Options such as lockout mechanisms prevent the tool from firing when a nail isn’t loaded. This means less wear and tear on the tool.

Uninhibited firing modes are great for experienced roofers, but present safety concerns to those who are just starting out. Check consumer reviews, assess the warranty terms, and try to get a feel (in person) for the tool before making a selection.

Get in touch with Roofr to grow your business

If you’re ambitious and unshaken by the challenges of being an entrepreneur, you have what it takes to succeed in the roofing industry. Carefully develop your business plan, find the right markets, hire awesome people, and buy the best equipment available. Planning and executing a solid strategy will lead to success!

With your business in hand, you’ll need job leads. Sign up as a contractor with Roofr and get started.

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