January 8, 2019

Roofing Trends and Styles

Roofing trends are ever-changing, as innovative ways to keep properties protected pop up. Find out what’s new in 2018.

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Owning a home is a wonderful feeling—until something goes wrong and there’s no maintenance crew to call. The occasional roof replacement or repair on a home or business comes with the territory. It may be from regular wear and tear or because of damage that occurred due to a natural disaster or some other unfortunate mishap. Although the financial obligation is a drag, it’s an opportunity to increase the value of your residence or place of business.

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Last year, the roofing industry enjoyed both technological advancements and technique changes that improved on past designs. As 2019 begins, we’ll look at the most popular designs that benefited from the industry’s upward sales trend and discuss the advantages that each exciting new product or design has to offer. Read on for our review of roofing trends in 2018.

The trusty asphalt roof

In most parts of the U.S. and Canada, asphalt shingles are the single most popular option for roofing in just about every climate. When properly installed on a solid foundation, these shingle roofs will last anywhere between 25 and 50 years, barring any falling trees or random meteorites.

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This particular style of roofing is perhaps the only one of the many variations in the market that didn’t see any real advancements. However, this style has stood the test of time as being one of the most versatile, most attractive and least expensive. It also boasts an ideal weight for just about every kind of structure. Even though it’s not revolutionary, it’s cost-effective and works for just about any roof style that isn’t flat design.

Versatile metal roofs

What was once a roofing option used solely on commercial properties has made its way into the residential roofing mainstream in recent years. The various kinds of metal roofs (e.g., steel slate, standing seam, stone-coated steel, aluminum, tin, etc.) outlast typical asphalt roofing products and are ideal for environments subject to high winds.

stone 2018 roofing trends

Like asphalt roofing, metal roofs have become extremely versatile, as they’re able to accommodate most structures. Typically, the materials are sourced from recycled components and improve energy efficiency by reflecting solar rays, which lowers cooling costs during warmer months. The metal roof design didn’t undergo any significant changes in 2018, but the manufacturing process for the material has become greener. As such, fewer carbon emissions are produced during refining or recycling of the metal, and costs are steadily dropping around the globe. Eco friendly options are a major trend in 2018, not only in roofing but in all areas of construction and consumption.

Beautiful slate roofs

Slate roofs are just as versatile as asphalt and metal, but have the potential to outlast both under the right conditions. Considered to be among the most aesthetically appealing materials for roofing, slate is ideal for unique structures that demand a sophisticated appearance.

2018 roofing trends tools

Slate itself has remained much the same for the past millennium—it’s regularly implemented in upscale flooring, roofing, high-end pool tables, and used in many other applications. The actual manufacturing process hasn’t evolved to include anything considered revolutionary by today’s conventions, but many large suppliers have turned to advanced software which aids in supply chain logistics for resourcing and distributing the material. This has made the process substantially more efficient, which has helped keep costs at competitive levels.

One recent advancement in roofing products is the introduction of synthetic slate, which has continued to increase in popularity through 2018. It is made of high-grade recycled plastic and rubber, making the tiles sustainable and eco-friendly. It gives the desirable look of real slate, but has proven to be more durable than the original material. What’s not to like?

Exquisite copper roofing

Perhaps one of the most luxurious roofing systems on the market today is the copper roof. This gorgeous roofing material is not only visually stunning, but also offers a substantial degree of durability that is on par with steel solutions, despite being a softer material.

2018 copper roofing trends

Whether copper is used for an entire roof or just for accents as seen in the construction above, the look is something that many consider entirely unique. It can set a home or business apart from a neighboring structure.

This industrial metal is known for the way it ages (think the Statue of Liberty), meaning that a copper roof gains character as time progresses. Further advancements in recycling copper and refining ore have allowed this popular metal to become an increasingly viable option as a sound roofing material with exceptional character.

Flat roofing—TPO and EPDM

The flat roof is a unique design that comes with different advantages and disadvantages. Older designs were notorious for being troublesome, as owners regularly reported issues with leaking and collapsing, especially in areas with heavy precipitation. Fortunately, modern solutions add unprecedented durability and appeal to these once-faulty designs.

Cityscape 2018 roofing trends

Single-ply EPDM roofing materials and TPO roofs, plus the components used for proper installation, have become substantially more durable over the years and prices have fallen as well. Part of this is due to better manufacturing processes, with special thanks to advances in polymer adhesives that have played a significant role in making such roofs better than ever. Businesses and homes that were regularly plagued by obnoxious leaks can enjoy the benefits of these modernized designs which alleviate the stress (and mold) that results from a faulty or old flat roof.

The solar panel

While not a core roofing material, solar panels aid in responsible energy consumption and are becoming incredibly popular all over the world. In fact, some of the most well-known businesses are making immense strides to achieve 100% renewable energy for their operations, while smaller companies and average homeowners follow suit.

solar panels 2018 roofing trends

Solar panels for large businesses and power vendors are typically built in large fields, but for regular structures, these incredible devices are placed on sections of a roof that regularly receives sunlight. Some homes and businesses can completely remove their dependency from local power grids, while others immensely reduce their energy costs from outside providers.

Solar panels can be applied atop just about any kind of roofing material, or even as part of the roof itself in the form of solar shingles. However, it’s always best to have someone with the proper knowledge assess the matter before you purchase any panels or sign a power purchase agreement (PPA).

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