Does Roofr CRM have tools to generate leads?

With Roofr’s instant estimator, you can not only generate leads - you generate QUALIFIED leads. The instant estimator replaces gathering contact information from a form, and actually provides an instant quote based on the lead’s address. It’s doesn’t replace a full marketing strategy, but makes it more efficient. Way more efficient.

Can I create material orders from Roofr?

Yes! You can create, send and track your material orders right in your Roofr dashboard.

Can I create custom stages in my board view?

If you’re reading this from the future…then yes. This will be possible in the winter.

Can I integrate my quickbooks account?

Not yet. But it’s on our radar. In the meantime - we’ve got some workarounds with zapier. Talk to an expert to learn how.

Do you integrate with roofing distributors (Beacon, SRS, ABC Supply etc.)?

Not yet! But we’ve got a stellar implementation team that can help you upload all of your material lists. Book a call!