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How to Send a Material Order

Learn how to send a material order

Last updated
February 1, 2024

What it does: Sends material orders directly to your supplier from within Roofr, and creates a library of all of your material orders created.

Purpose: Streamline your job workflows by allowing you to create material orders within the same system that you are creating reports, proposals, and managing your jobs.

Prerequisites: You need to have at least 1 supplier setup before you can create and send a material order

Available On: Premium & Elite Plans

Note: Material orders can only be sent via email

Sending a Material Order

Step 1: After you finish creating your material order, you will see a blue button on the top right of the screen that says “Preview Order”.

Step 2: You will then be taken to a “Preview” screen. This is what your supplier will see when you send them the material order. You can go through the details to make sure everything entered is correct

Step 3: On the top right of the screen, you will see a button that says “Send Order”.

Note: You can also choose to download the order as PDF by clicking the dropdown arrow beside the button.

Step 4: When you click “Send Order” an email tab will appear. The branch email address is pre-filled and cannot be edited. This is the email of the point of contact at that specific branch that you setup when you created a supplier.

Note: You can choose to copy yourself - or others on the email.

Step 6: Write your email! The material order you just created will be included as a link - so you can include any extra info here.

Step 7: Hit “Send Order” and you’re done! Your supplier has received your material order and you’ve saved yourself a whole bunch of time.

Here’s what your supplier receives

This is the email your supplier will see - keep in mind it will be white labelled with your logo.

When they click “View Material Order”, they will see the same screen you saw in the preview page. They will have the option to print, or download as pdf.

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