Building the most trusted roofing platform in the world.

Our mission is to ensure every family has access to an affordable roof.
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Our story

In the early 2000’s, a twelve-year-old Richard Nelson was awoken early and told he’d be joining the family business — he was on a roof by the afternoon, thus becoming a third-generation roofer.

Richard spent his summers on job sites, hoisting bundles as a kid to eventually becoming an installer. Fast forward to his mid 20’s, Richard decided to take a position at a larger roofing company as a sales person. It was then when he realized the inefficiencies, and he understood the time and money it was costing contractors and homeowners and knew something needed to change. With a vision of building the most trusted roofing platform in the world, he quit his job, partnered with CTO Kevin Redman and started Roofr in 2016.

By 2017, Roofr was admitted to Y Combinator, propelling Roofr into the tech-world spotlight and allowing Roofr to raise millions of dollars in venture capital funding from Crosslink Capital, Bullpen Capital and many other high-profile investors. Today, Roofr operates on a multinational level, serving thousands of roofing contractors across North America.

Roofr is already trusted by  thousands of roofers

Our values

Think unconventionally

We think without limits. No idea is too audacious. We embrace innovation and creativity at every level. We seek new solutions and take smart, calculated risks.

Utilize positive discontent

We celebrate our wins, but always look for ways to do better.

Welcome collaboration

We carry ourselves with quiet confidence. We trust and support each other. Open, honest and constant communication is key to innovation and growth.

Embrace the mission

We believe having fun allows for creativity to flourish and produces optimal performance. We always engage in work that brings us one step closer to our mission.

Be customer obsessed

We go above and beyond with every single customer. Speed is important, passion and pride are even more. Every decision is made with our customer in mind.
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Embody resiliency

When faced with adversity, we persevere. No matter what is put in front of us, we face it with a calm and collected mind. We do not dwell on the problem, we focus on the solution.

Our team

Jakub Pokluda
Engineering Team Lead
Danica Mueller
Implementation Team Lead
Eleni Kalergis
QA Engineer
Grant McSheffrey
Senior Backend Engineer
Holly Phipps
Visual Designer
Kaitlyn Humphrey
Senior Field Marketing Specialist
Travis Blair
Senior Frontend Engineer
TJ Webb
Senior Full Stack Engineer
Hector Luna
Senior Partner Enablement Represents
Sameer Waskar
Senior Frontend Engineer
Rory Campbell
Senior Manager Engineering
Virgina Hughes
Senior Product Manager
Devansh Kejriwal
Senior Product Manager
Anna Situ
Product Designer
Emma Caswell
Senior Product Designer
Andre Tzermias
Engineering Team Lead
Jennifer Paxton
Senior Director, People & Talent
Vipul Vipul
QA Engineer
Vivek Bhadane
Director of Data Engineering
Ismail Hossain
QA Engineer
Franco Caputo
Webflow Developer
Michal Plucinski
Senior Backend Engineer
Joshua Fernandes
Customer Success Manager
Janahan Nanthakumar
Sales Development Representative
Kate Lafantaisie
Lifecycle Marketing Manager
Thalha Sheriff
Implementation Specialist
Erin Amundson
Revenue Operations Expert
Dylan Enns
Implementation Specialist
Soukanina Chahidi
Director of Customer Support
Em (Mike) Wilson
Principal Backend Engineer
Rowan Watson
Partnership Development Manager
Coralis Berggren
Field Marketing Specialist
Scott Kinsman
Senior Partner Enablement Representative

Our Investors

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