Getting paid on time shouldn’t be so hard.

Roofr Payments makes credit card and ACH/EFT payments a seamless part of your workflow — so you can get paid faster.

Why Roofr Payments

For businesses that aren’t using a digital payment solution, the time it takes for money to hit your account is always up in the air. Roofr Payments takes the stress and uncertainty out of getting paid, and saves you hours on collecting checks.

Get paid faster and easier

Seamlessly go from measurement to payment in a single platform to speed up your entire job workflow.

Save money and protect your margins

Competitive fees and no minimums so you not only get paid faster, but earn more per job.

Better visibility on your cashflow

Our all-in-one system gives you the visibility you need to know the who, what, where and when for your payments and invoicing.

For businesses that are looking to streamline their operations and reduce software spend. Roofr Payments consolidates your cashflow and gives you the visibility you need to always know where your money is.

Know how and when you’re getting paid

Integrated invoicing and payments makes it easy to keep track of cashflow in one place.

Build trust with homeowners

Secure digital credit card and bank transfers give you and your homeowners peace of mind.

Save time and get paid faster

Offer instant online payment options without any set up fees or minimums.

How it works

Get paid fast, securely, and with the visibility you need to scale your business.

Payment options

Offer flexible payment options that protect your margins.

Give homeowners the freedom of choice with Roofr Payments. You’ll have the flexibility to accept and process all major credit cards and ACH/EFT payments, with customizable settings to protect your business needs.

With seamless processing directly through Roofr, enjoy a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Instant digital payments

Get paid from anywhere, at any time.

Our intuitive system lets you create invoices and send payment requests anytime, anywhere. Homeowners can instantly access their invoices and settle up from any of their devices.

And, faster deposit times means your hard-earned money reaches you swiftly. Say goodbye to payment delays and paperwork. Say hello to streamlined transactions and peace of mind.

Tracking Dashboard

Keep track of your money.

Bid farewell to blindspots by keeping track of pending requests and outstanding balances at a glance.

Plus! No more manual reconciliations – our system seamlessly matches deposited funds and individual transaction statuses on your dashboard. You get visibility on your cashflow, without the hassle.

Integrated Invoicing

Seamlessly integrates into Roofr Invoicing.

No more bottlenecks in your cashflow. Now anyone on your team can easily create invoices and collect payments, meaning you can get paid faster.

Payments are processed directly in Roofr and applied to the invoice, whether it's full payments, partial amounts, or deposits. You get visibility on late or outstanding balances, and are always in control of your finances.


Always transparent pricing. No sign-up fees. No minimums.

Payments you can count on, literally. Enjoy secure payments instantly with fees that make sense. Get more for less with Roofr Payments.

Credit Card Fees

2.8% + 30¢ transaction fee for Mastercard, Visa, and Discover cards.

Bank Debit and ACH Transfer Fees

0.5% for processing with a cap of $40 transaction maximum

Roofr CRM

Integrated Workflow

With Roofr, you can go from lead to payment in one place. One platform. One login. Endless time savings.

“The biggest thing for me as an owner is the time savings factor.”

Amanda veinott
CEO, Maven Roofing & Exteriors

Previously, Amanda had to log into her bank account and create payment links for each customer. She was the only one who had access and the process was causing her to fall behind on collecting payments. Plus it was costing her 3.5% per transaction.


“Now, no one has to log into our bank account to process payments. Our admin handles invoicing and payment requests without ever having to leave Roofr or log in somewhere else. I am no longer holding us up from receiving money and it’s glorious.”

Amanda veinott
CEO, Maven Roofing & Exteriors


You have questions, we have answers. Browse our most frequently asked questions when it comes to payments and invoicing.

Is there an integration with Quickbooks?

Not yet, but we are working on this now! We are hoping to have an integration out in the first half of 2024. In the meantime, you can export your invoices and payments into a CSV.

Can anyone on my team take payments?

Yes! With Roofr Payments anyone on your account can create and send payment requests, without having access to sensitive accounting details.

Can I take partial payments?

Yes! You can request and submit payments for any amount less than the balance of the invoice. Additionally, you can charge any amount to any payment method (card or ACH) that your customer prefers.

How do we get billed for the processing fees?

You will receive 100% of the transaction when it is deposited in your account, so no fees will be taken off up front. Instead, our processor will draft the fees at the end of the month for the payments that were processed.

Can you pass through the CC fees?

Not yet, but we are going to be working on this in the first half of 2024! In the time being, you can always add a line item to the invoice called “convenience fee”.

Do I need to submit a credit application to use Roofr Payments?

Yes, the business owner needs to submit an application. Our processor will do business credit pull first, and they may run additional credit checks on the owner(s) if needed. These checks will be soft credit pulls. The application takes about 1 day to review and once approved, about 2-3 business days for your account to be activated.

How much does Roofr Payments cost?

There is no additional subscription fee to use Roofr Payments once you are one one of our paid plans (Pro/Premium/Elite). There are additional payment processing fees which can be found on the one pager.

At a high level, we charge 2.8% + 30 cents per credit card transaction for Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. For Amex, this will be 3.25% + 30 cents per transaction.

For ACH, this will be .5% with a maximum of $40 so you will never exceed $40 on an ACH transaction.

Can I integrate my quickbooks account?

Not yet. But it’s on our radar. In the meantime - we’ve got some workarounds with zapier. Talk to an expert to learn how.