Grow your business faster with Roofr CRM.

The Roofr CRM allows you to streamline your entire process from start to finish. Easily manage jobs and get the insights you need in one place.

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Keep track of every job in your pipeline.

Roofr’s CRM allows you to quickly and easily view all the jobs you have in your pipeline. Now, you can uncover better opportunities, and focus your efforts on closing deals that will win you the most profitable work.

Interactive Job Pipeline

View what stage each job is at, which jobs are the most valuable, and which jobs need your attention.

Analytics Dashboard

Make informed decisions, and understand where your process can improve with real-time data.

Team Collaboration

Improve team collaboration and promote accountability with tasks, live internal chats, activity logs, notes, and docs.

Measure & Estimate

Connect with all Roofr products on one platform so you can easily order measurement reports, create proposals, and provide estimates.

Automated Tasks

Automate repetitive tasks like an email follow up or material ordering to streamline your processes.

Financing & Invoicing

Create and share invoices for each job, and easily view payment status to find outstanding balances.
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All the tools you need in one place.

Roofr’s CRM connects seamlessly with our other tools on one platform, including our Instant Estimator, Roofr Reports, and Proposals.

Combine all your leads, jobs, and quotes in one place so you can easily order a report, create a proposal, gather e-signatures, and win the job without switching between multiple applications.


Insights that unlock your growth potential.

Roofr’s CRM enables you to better understand the value of each roofing job, from tracking job costs and project timelines to identifying areas for improvement using real-time data.

You’ll be making better decisions, identifying where your earning potential lies, and optimizing your operations for greater efficiency and profitability.


Understand how your business is performing.

Get eyes on your entire sales funnel from end-to-end including which sources are getting you the best leads, which of your sales reps are bringing you the most revenue, and where you’re losing jobs.

That way, you can clearly predict where your business will be 3 months from now with a real-time analytics dashboard. You’ll be empowered to make better decisions with key metrics like speed to close, average close rates, average deal size and more.

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