Give roof estimates in seconds online.

Offer instant roof estimates in seconds so you can capture, qualify and quote before your competition.

Say goodbye to chasing low-quality leads and hello to winning more jobs.
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Win new jobs 10x faster

Step 1

Set Up & Share

Set up unlimited Instant Estimators in seconds and share your links everywhere.

Step 2

Attract Leads

Homeowners that click your link will be asked questions about their project.

Step 3

Gather Project Details

You'll collect their project and contact info in your Roofr account.


Provide Free Estimate

They'll get a free instant estimate based on your unique pricing. You can start qualifying and quoting.

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Here's how it works...

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Create unlimited Instant Estimators.

Get data-driven with unlimited Instant Estimators! Easily track where and who your leads are coming from so you always know where your best opportunities are. Plus! Customize pricing, imagery, and info by location, marketing channel or sales representative.

Step two

Capture more leads, anywhere.

Offer your leads a frictionless experience by sharing your unique Instant Estimator link on your website, ads, or anywhere else. You'll get less drop-off, they'll get a roofing estimate in seconds.

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Your qualification process, streamlined.

With the Instant Estimator, never waste time chasing low-quality leads again. Automatically capture the qualification information your leads provide so your team can prioritize quality opportunities, and ultimately win better work.


Offer estimates faster than your competition.

Don't give your leads a reason to shop around. Give custom estimates in seconds so your leads sign on the dotted line, before your competition even gets around to calling them.

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Spend your time scaling, not measuring.

We know you’re busy, that’s why Roofr Reports were created. We want you to spend more time growing in your business, and less time running it.

With Roofr Reports, put your time into things that really matter (like finding new leads, closing that deal, or recharging with your loved ones).

Scale with Roofr

Roofr Reports

Order a measurement report in 60 seconds or less. Get it in 3 hours.

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Roofr Proposals

Close deals in minutes with custom, digital Roofr Proposals.

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100% accurate, never had a problem I'm applying this to my second successful roofing business helped couldn't have done it with out it, thank you Roofr!
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"The Instant Estimator makes it easier than ever to close more deals. It's like having a free virtual assistant!"
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