Deliver free online roof estimates in seconds.

Say goodbye to missed calls and chasing low-quality leads. Offer instant roof estimates from anywhere so you can capture, qualify and quote before your competition.

Win new jobs 10x faster

Step 1

Create & customize

Create unlimited Instant Estimator links for each of your marketing sources. Add your custom price ranges to price condition potential leads.

Step 2

Attract & educate

Homeowners enter their address and respond to questions about their roof and project, building trust the estimate is tailored to them.

Step 3

Capture & qualify

The second they submit, homeowners get an accurate estimate and you get the info you need to qualify the lead.

Step 4

Connect & close

Now you can prioritize outreach to the most promising leads. Or even better - link your calendar to instantly schedule a follow up.

Here's how it works...

Meet the Instant Estimator | Digital Roofing Power Tool

Get more out of your marketing.

Optimize all your marketing materials with powerful Instant Estimators to capture more leads, anywhere. Add your unique Instant Estimator to your website, ads, door hangers, business cards, or anywhere else you can think of to make your marketing dollars go further.


Your qualification process, streamlined.

Let the Instant Estimator do the heavy lifting when it comes to lead qualification. Homeowners get an accurate estimate based on your pricing and services - and you capture the information you need to prioritize leads before you even pick up the phone.


Offer estimates faster than your competition.

When it comes to their roof, homeowners want the convenient online buying experience they’re used to. The interactive tool makes the estimating process transparent so by the time they hit submit - you’re the obvious choice.


Book calls faster.

Why wait around? Let the most qualified leads connect with you instantly. Create profile cards for you and your team that link directly to your calendar and make it easy for homeowners to get in touch.


Win, measure, optimize, repeat.

With unlimited Instant Estimators you can easily track where, and who, your leads are coming from. You’re able to see where your best opportunities are, so you know where to focus your efforts. Create repeatable success, with less effort.

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100% accurate, never had a problem I'm applying this to my second successful roofing business helped couldn't have done it with out it, thank you Roofr!
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"The Instant Estimator makes it easier than ever to close more deals. It's like having a free virtual assistant!"
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