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Material Ordering
Can I create material orders from Roofr?

Yes! You can create, send and track your material orders right in your Roofr dashboard.

Payments & Invoicing
What is a credit card chargeback?

A credit card chargeback occurs when the cardholder disputes a transaction. Chargebacks occur for several reasons, including:

  • Fraudulent transactions
  • Shipping, delivery, or pricing issues
  • Credit or refund not processed
  • Unsatisfied with product or service purchased
  • Duplicate charges
  • Unrecognizable business name on credit card statement

In the event of a chargeback, the funds are immediately returned to the cardholder and debited from your account. After you receive a chargeback notification, you will be given the opportunity to contest the chargeback and submit any evidence that proves the validity of the original transaction (ie: signed documentation, photos of completed work). For any chargeback, please contact us at [email protected]

What is an ACH Return?

An ACH return is a message from the check writer’s bank (your customer’s bank) saying that they couldn’t make the deposit. Returns can happen for several reasons, such as insufficient funds or an old account. If you have received an ACH return notification, there will be a resolution step included in your email as well as the payment itself. For more details about the error itself, please see the ACH return code help article here.

In the event of an ACH return, you will see the money debited from your account. This is because we will pre-fund you in good faith and in an effort to get you paid as quickly as possible.

In every case, you should contact your customer to address why the return happened and request that the customer contact their bank to have the transaction go through. Once you re-process the payment, funding will occur within 2-3 business days.

Is there an integration with Quickbooks?

Not yet, but we are working on this now! We are hoping to have an integration out in the first half of 2024. In the meantime, you can export your invoices and payments into a CSV.

Can anyone on my team take payments?

Yes! With Roofr Payments anyone on your account can create and send payment requests, without having access to sensitive accounting details.

Can I take partial payments?

Yes! You can request and submit payments for any amount less than the balance of the invoice. Additionally, you can charge any amount to any payment method (card or ACH) that your customer prefers.

How do we get billed for the processing fees?

You will receive 100% of the transaction when it is deposited in your account, so no fees will be taken off up front. Instead, our processor will draft the fees at the end of the month for the payments that were processed.

Can you pass through the CC fees?

Not yet, but we are going to be working on this in the first half of 2024! In the time being, you can always add a line item to the invoice called “convenience fee”.

Do I need to submit a credit application to use Roofr Payments?

Yes, the business owner needs to submit an application. Our processor will do business credit pull first, and they may run additional credit checks on the owner(s) if needed. These checks will be soft credit pulls. The application takes about 1 day to review and once approved, about 2-3 business days for your account to be activated.

How much does Roofr Payments cost?

There is no additional subscription fee to use Roofr Payments once you are one one of our paid plans (Pro/Premium/Elite). There are additional payment processing fees which can be found on the one pager.

At a high level, we charge 2.8% + 30 cents per credit card transaction for Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. For Amex, this will be 3.25% + 30 cents per transaction.

For ACH, this will be .5% with a maximum of $40 so you will never exceed $40 on an ACH transaction.

Can I integrate my quickbooks account?

Not yet. But it’s on our radar. In the meantime - we’ve got some workarounds with zapier. Talk to an expert to learn how.

Does Roofr CRM have tools to generate leads?

With Roofr’s Instant Estimator, you can not only generate leads - you generate QUALIFIED leads. The instant estimator replaces gathering contact information from a form, and actually provides an instant quote based on the lead’s address. It’s doesn’t replace a full marketing strategy, but makes it more efficient. Way more efficient.

Can I create custom stages in my board view?

Yes! You can customize your job stages in the job board to match your existing workflows.

Can I customize the job board view of my pipeline?

Yes, you can customize your pipeline dashboard based on job stages. Each stage is shown as column in your kanban view, and you can add or remove them at any time. If you want to play god, you can also change your pipeline view with filters. You can view the active pipeline by team member, job value, date range - you name it.

Is there a mobile app?

There’s no app - but you can easily create a shortcut on your smartphone to make Roofr easily accessible in the field. Here’s how!

Instant Estimator
How much does the Instant Estimator cost?

The Instant Estimator is only available on our Elite subscription plan. Access is included in the monthly fee, and there are no additional costs for additional Instant Estimator links or regions.

Can I try the instant estimator for free?

While we do offer a pay-as-you-go plan for no monthly fee, the Instant Estimator is only available on a paid subscription plan. If you would like to see the Instant Estimator in action and find out what else is included with our subscription plans you can talk to an expert on our team.

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Measurement Reports
Can I download my measurement report and add it to a customer proposal?

You don’t need to! You can instantly create a proposal with your measurement report at the click of a button. Meaning you can measure, and quote, without even stepping foot on the roof. Learn how to turn measurements into proposals here.

Can Roofr create material calculations on my roof report?

Heck yeah! On all of our paid plans, material calculations are automatically included in your roof report - as well as a recommended waste factor %. How handy! If you’re on a free account - you can add material calculations on to your report for $5 at checkout. Learn how.

**calculations are not available for metal or tile - sorry about that!

I have a subscription - do I still need to pay for measurement reports?

Our subscription plans are built to help businesses at any stage meet their needs. They offer premium features like instant estimates for lead generation and more customization for proposals - and they also unlock faster turnaround times and discounts for measurements. However, each measurement report is still ordered and paid for individually! Talk to an expert for more details on the discounts and delivery times for each plan.

How accurate are your measurement reports?

No measurement service is 100% accurate (pretty sure that's physically impossible) but we are known for our accuracy. We're also the only service that allows you to edit a finished report - allowing for maximum accuracy. As always, double check all measurements to ensure you're ordering the right amount for the job.

Is there a monthly cost?

Roofr Reports at $18 on our Pay-As-You-Go plan and $12 on any paid subscription plan.

Report pricing is separate from our monthly or annual subscription plan pricing.

Talk to an expert to learn more about our discounted annual pricing.

Do you guarantee your measurement report delivery times?

We offer guaranteed turnaround times for Roofr Reports on our subscription plans (varies by plan type).

Our free, pay-as-you-go plan offers estimated 24 hour turnaround times on Roofr Reports, but you can pay an additional fee for a faster turnaround time (3, 6, or 12 hours).

Learn more here.

How much does a roof report cost?

Our premium roof measurement reports cost $18 each and are delivered in 24 hours or less, or $12 each on any paid subscription plan and delivered in as little as 3 hours. Need them faster? We offer guaranteed turnaround times on our subscription plans.

You can also pay an additional fee for a faster guaranteed delivery time (3, 6 or 12 hours) on our Free plan.

How long does it take to receive my report?

With our free, pay-as-you-go plan, our delivery times are within 24 hours. If you need it faster, you can pay an additional fee (and receive in 3, 6 or 12 hours) or you can upgrade to a paid plan that prioritizes your orders and delivers them in an average of 3 or 6 hours depending on your plan type. Talk to an expert to learn more.

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Getting Started
How long does it take to get set up?

It totally depends on your business. And we know that you’re busy. That’s why we have dedicated Implementation Teams to help you get set up your account - including uploading materials, creating proposal templates, adding your team etc. Plus, you’re paired with an account manager that meets with you regularly to make sure you’re always getting the most out of your account.

Do you charge per seat?

Nope! We know that teamwork makes the dreamwork. On (most of) our subscription plans your whole team can collaborate on one account - no additional cost. We say most of because on the Pro plan - 3 seats are included. If you’re on the Pro plan and you need more than 3 users - let’s talk about upgrading you to Premium.

How many seats are included with my Roofr account?

Our Free plan includes 2 seats, our Pro plan includes 3 seats, our Premium includes 5 seats, and our Elite plan includes a custom amount of seats.

For more information on setting up your team, talk to an expert today!

Can I register month-to-month?

Yes, we exclusively offer monthly plans on a no-contract basis.

Will you help me onboard my company?

Yes, once you register for a subscription plan, you will have a dedicated customer success manager to help onboard your company.

Onboarding packages vary depending on your plan.

Talk to an expert to learn more.

Does Roofr offer a free trial?

No, we don't offer a free trial, but our Pay As You Go plan is available for no monthly fee and includes access to a job tracking board, unlimited $18 Roofr Report orders, 5 free proposals to create and send, and limited CRM functionality. If you'd like access to more, you can talk to an expert on our team to see subscription plan features in action.

Do you integrate with roofing distributors (Beacon, SRS, ABC Supply etc.)?

Not yet! But we’ve got a stellar implementation team that can help you upload all of your material lists. Book a call!

Can I register month-to-month?

Yes! Our subscriptions are conveniently offered on a month-to-month basis.

Talk to an expert to learn more.

Is there a monthly cost?

We offer 5 free proposals on our Pay-As-You-Go plan. For unlimited proposals, you must be part of a subscription plan.

Will you help me onboard my company?

Yes, once you register for a subscription plan, you will have a dedicated customer success manager to help onboard your company.

Onboarding packages vary depending on your plan.

Talk to an expert to learn more.

Can I try proposals for free?

We offer a pay-as-you-go plan for no monthly fee that includes our pay-per-use measurement features ($18 Roofr Reports, DIY Reports). This plan also includes 5 free digital proposals that include e-signatures, image uploads, and more. If you would like to see features included with our subscription plans you can talk to an expert on our team.

DIY Measurements
How do I purchase more DIY Report credits in my free account?

You can quickly purchase more credits for DIY Reports by logging into your existing account, going to the "Measurements" page and clicking the "DIY Reports" tab at the top. Once there, you should see blue text in the top right corner that says "Buy DIY credits".

Click on that text, and select the amount of credits you would like to purchase and then click the "Buy credits" button to complete your transaction.

How much do draw-it-yourself measurements cost?

Draw-it-yourself measurements are the most affordable way to create fast and professional measurement reports. The DIY tool is available on any Roofr account and like Roofr Reports, reports are charged on a per-use basis, but the cost varies by plan.

If you are on our free "Pay-as-you-go" account, each report requires 1 credit and you can purchase credits for 3.50 - $4 per report.

If you are on a paid Roofr subscription (Pro, Premium or Elite plans) DIY reports that use your own images or images from Bing are free, and reports that use premium imagery require 1 credit which costs $2-$3.50 per report.

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