August 8, 2022

Marketing for Roofers: 3 Powerful Ideas

Don't be intimidated by marketing your business. These three powerful marketing ideas can get you started.

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Though roofing contractors are usually immensely busy handling the day-to-day operations of their business, it’s important to avoid neglecting marketing for roofing companies. After all, marketing is an essential part of running a roofing company, as it can help you acquire more clients and increase sales. 

Accordingly, the market size of the roofing industry is currently over $102 billion, and experts are expecting that number to increase to $156 billion in the next eight years.

Whether or not you’re going to be the name to mention when the time comes is determined by how well you make your company known. Otherwise, you’re likely to get lost in the pool of roofing businesses coming up. 

This article discusses the importance of roofing marketing for your business and provides marketing ideas on how to boost your sales, including how you can use Roofr to generate more leads.

Why you need to market your roofing business

Here are a few reasons you need to market your roofing business.

Establishes your brand

Many clients want to connect to a brand, as it builds a certain emotional connection and trust. Close to 60% of buyers prefer buying from brands they trust, meaning it’s imperative to establish your brand. 

But you may be wondering how to do so. The main thing you’ll need is an effective roofing marketing strategy. For instance, you can display customer testimonials and online reviews to show prospective clients how trustworthy you are. They’re more likely to use your services if they know others have benefited from you as well.

Increases your sales

Marketing your roofing services helps you connect with a broader audience and ensures you position your business as the go-to service in your niche. That’s sure to increase your sales. Consider mentioning, for example, that your company uses top-notch software like Roofr for increased efficiency.

While there are more reasons to market your business (such as aligning your brand with industry trends and generating investor interest), these are the chief reasons you’ll want to get your name out there.

3 roofing marketing ideas to 15x sales

Now that you’re convinced of the power of marketing for your business, here are three powerful marketing ideas you can use to supercharge your marketing strategy.

1. Start a blog that boosts your inbound link profile

The majority of marketers are investing more time and resources into content marketing through blogs, and for good reason. It’s one of the best ways to drive traffic to your business.

If you can create engaging and educational content for your audience, you’re likely to become an expert in their eyes. Plus, who better to solve a problem than the expert on the topic, right? That’s why top roofing businesses have recognized the role of blogging in their business and have integrated it into their roofing marketing strategy.

A blog avails you to millions of homeowners on the internet, some of whom are looking to learn more about their roofs. First, you must attract that audience with relevant, informative content and establish your authority. Then, show them why you’re different.

But having a blog goes beyond attracting a new audience. With a blog, you can create an excellent inbound link profile. An inbound link profile is the number of backlinks you earn to a website.

Running your own blog means you can always direct readers to your services. If your content is informative and engaging enough, your readers will likely seek out your services through inbound links. This means more traffic and more sales for you.

An example of a roofing business with an exemplary blog is Roofr, which provides value to readers while offering great solutions with top-notch roofing software.

There’s also the added benefit of SEO. Creating optimized content for your blog can boost your ranking on search engine result pages. The vast majority of purchasing starts with an online query, so top roofing companies know to optimize their blogs so they can appear when a user makes a relevant query. You can do the same!

2. Use email marketing to offer free roof measurements and estimates

If you’re serious about roofing marketing, you’ve most likely heard that email marketing is the best way to go—and it’s quite true. 

Email marketing for roofers has the potential to generate a significant return on investment for every dollar spent. But what should you offer in your email marketing campaign?

Once you’ve built your email list, we recommend offering free roof measurements and estimates, as well as roofing promotions, as a way to convert new clients into loyal customers. If you can give accurate roof measurements and estimates on a prospect’s roof, you’re most likely to get their signature at the end of the day.

Additionally, it’s a way to demonstrate your expertise in the roofing process and the value you can offer. It can answer questions like, why should they pay for your services? Why you and not the next roofing business? You’ll need to let your free offerings make the argument for you.

If you’re a roofing contractor who’s often busy and doesn’t have the time to set up and monitor an email marketing strategy, consider automating the process by using mailing list platforms.

3. Leverage reviews and customer testimonials 

Did you know that nine out of every ten customers turn to online reviews to help decide on a purchase? This makes reviews and customer testimonials a critical element in the buying process. 

One way to get reviews from customers is to ask. Request feedback from your clients once you solve their problems and use that feedback on your website. Also, you can ask satisfied customers to leave you a review on external sites. The more reviews you get, the better. 

Hopefully, these roofing company marketing ideas will help you take your business to the next level. 

Small business marketing for roofers

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