November 12, 2018

How to Choose a Roofing Contractor

You’re not always looking for roof repair, be sure to consider these important factors when choosing a roofing contractor. Learn more today!

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Ideally, most homeowners aren’t looking to hire for roof repair very often. However, when it comes up, many people aren’t sure what to consider when hiring a roofer. If you are one of those homeowners, don’t worry—as a company specializing in helping you find great help with roof repair and other roofing needs, we’ve got the scoop on how to hire them.

Details of the roof itself

The first important category to consider when hiring roof repair professionals involves your roof. Consider the types of roof problems you’re experiencing, the materials you would like to use, cost estimates, and roof warranties.

Existing problems

If your roof has existing problems, let your roofer know. The professional should conduct an inspection to discover problems, but you can help the whole process along by first telling them what you know. By bringing up known problems, you can determine if the roofer is a good fit for the job. And, you and the roofer can better decide what type of work needs to be done to fix the damage.


Preferred materials

As a  homeowner, you’ll want to match the material that’s currently on your roof. Whether it be asphalt shingles, three-tab or architectural shingles, metal tiles or panels, or anything else, get familiar with your roofing materials. This helps give your roofer an idea of cost and material to best fix your roof.

Roofing materials vary in price. Talk to your roofer about your budget and desired materials. If your first choice doesn’t fit into your budget, your roofer can help you find better-priced options.

Cost estimate

Going into a roof repair, you have a budget in mind. Unfortunately, our budgets don’t always match the reality of what roof repair can cost. The total cost of the roof repair depends on the size and pitch of your roof, the materials you want, the extent of any damage, the size of the crew needed, and the roofer’s time investment. Ask your roofer for an estimate before work begins. Be mindful that with some repairs, the estimate might be a ballpark, as the installer might not know the extent of the damage until they see it in person.  If the estimate is not within your budget, talk to your roofer about how you can reduce or finance the expense.



Roofs often have multiple warranties. The warranties cover the materials and the roofer’s work.

If your current roof is still under warranty, talk to your roofer about how that will affect the roof repair. Also, ask your roofer about the warranties for the new roof. Learn the coverage and length of each warranty. Most repairs often do not come with a warranty on the affected area, simply because the rest of the roof was not completed by the roofer doing the repair.  

Details of the contractor doing the work

When sifting through potential roofing contractors, consider their experience, licensure, insurance, safety, and reviews. Each of these plays a key role in their ability to deliver great work, so let’s dive in one at a time.


Ask the roofer about their experience; five years is usually a great baseline. Find out how long the business has existed, and how long they’ve been with it—ideally, the longer the better, but a recent job change does not negate experience at other companies! Ask about the project manager’s experience, as well as any other workers.

Specifically, look for roofers who have experience with the type of roof repair you need done, your type of roof, and how to deal with any existing damage. Reviews and references like what we provide here at Roofr are key to finding a great contractor!


Here’s a big one—make sure the roofing contractor you choose is licensed and insured! Ask the roofer what licenses they hold. You can verify the license with the licensing agency itself.

Having a license means the roofer is a real professional in the roofing industry. They have knowledge of local laws and standards. Many states require roofers to take an exam before they receive a license, ensuring they have the right knowledge to operate.

Insurance and liabilities

Responsible roofers should have liability insurance. If an accident occurs during the roof repair, the insurance should pay for the damage. You don’t want to get stuck paying more out of your own pocket. Insurance is important to cover yourself from any damages or injuries that may happen as a result of the repair. Always protect yourself and your home when dealing with any trade, not just roofing.

Ask the roofer to explain potential liabilities that might occur during the roof repair. A good roofer should assure you that his or her team works safely, under proper insurance. Find out how much that insurance will cover in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Safety and training

Talk to your potential roofers about their employee training and safety protocols. Employees should be experienced and follow best practices. Also, workers should follow safety procedures to protect themselves and your house.

Reviews and referrals

Check out roofer reviews online. If other people had a good experience with a roofer, you might have a good experience, too. Watch out for bad ratings and complaints, but remember that mistakes happen. If a particular roofer has had a string of bad reviews, or if their responses to angry customers isn’t professional, be wary. You can find reviews on roofer sites, local review sites, and social media. Another great place to check is your local Better Business Bureau.


Details of the roof repair

When it comes to the actual roof repair, you need to consider the project timeline, waste removal, property protection, and communication.

Project timeline

When hiring for roof repair, you need to consider how long it will take the roofer to complete the project. Of course, in an ideal situation the repairs are done as soon and as fast as possible, but realistically this can range from a few hours to days at a time, depending on the damage incurred.

Also, find out when the roofer can start the job. If you have a flexible timeline, it might not matter to you when the roofer starts. But, if you have to wait on the roofer to finish before you can do other repairs, you need to hire someone who can work within your timeframe.

Waste removal

When the roof repair is done, there will be debris left over. You don’t want scattered roofing materials and nails in your yard.

Talk to your roofer about who will remove the debris. Will they do it, or are you in charge? 99 percent of the time, professional roofing contractors take care of removing debris—without question. If the roofer will remove the waste, find out how they will do it. Will they bring in a dumpster? Where will they put it? How will they find stray nails? And, if they won’t, that may be a sign that they are not as qualified as they might seem. Steer clear and find someone who will.


Property protection

There is a possibility that your house or yard might be damaged during the roof repair, especially older roofs. Roofing contractors should try to minimize damage, so ask your roofer what they will do to protect your property, like using ladder stabilizers that protect your gutters.


During the roof repair, changes might need to be made. If something comes up, it is good to have someone on site who you can communicate with. Ask your contractor to give you a primary point of contact during the project, with an indication of when & how often they are available to take your calls.

Your experience

So there you have it, folks—when hiring for roof repair, the three things to understand are your roof, the contractor, and the project details. Remember to ask plenty of questions of roofers; their job is to guide you in  your decision making.

Have you gotten your roof repaired recently? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments, or visit to get in touch if you need work done. need work done. need work done. work done. need work done. need work done.

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