June 30, 2022

How to Start a Roofing Company: A Complete Guide

Looking to break off and start your own roofing business? This guide can help.

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Thinking about starting a roofing company with no experience? The roofing industry is an evergreen avenue for business opportunities, so it's no surprise that it’s maintained steady growth in market size as others plummet. 

In fact, roofing demands increase by 4% every year. This means that there's no shortage of work in the industry. It also means that starting a business in the roofing industry is a brilliant idea. 

But there’s also another great thing about this: you can start a business in the roofing industry with no prior experience. As unbelievable as it sounds, it's true.

This article provides tips on starting a roofing company without any prior experience and discusses what to look out for when beginning your roofing company. It also highlights a surefire way to optimize your business process for maximum results using Roofr.

Why don’t you need experience to start a roofing company?

There's no doubting the fact that installing a roof requires experience and hands-on skills. Starting and running a roofing company, on the other hand, depends on individual skills and other factors like business know-how rather than roofing experience. 

That doesn’t mean, however, that roofing experience doesn’t help. Experience can bring further substantial growth to your business, but it's not a driving factor in starting or running a business. According to Open Growth Leadership Forum, all you need to run a successful company is confidence and knowledge about the industry.

Today, roofing services are in high demand, especially since several communities are still under development and more structures are popping up with increased housing demand. If you're serious about starting a roofing company, even without experience, these tips should help you.

9 steps to starting a roofing company with no experience

  1. Learn about the industry: Start by studying what you would like to learn. Setting some time aside every day is a good idea to learn about starting a roofing company. 
  2. Learn from experts: Talk to experts for industry-specific knowledge on starting a roofing company. You can also get access to free roofing webinars and podcasts from roofing business experts like Roofr for all the bits about running your company efficiently. 
  3. Interact with the roofing community: Attend roofing business events to build a network and connect with people on the same path as you. 
  4. Evaluate your performance: Always assess your performance as you take action. For instance, what type of company are you starting? A partnership? An LLC? How do these choices benefit your company? What can you do differently?
  5. Read widely: Read books to expand your knowledge of the roofing industry. A book like "The calm after the storm" by Daniel Koren is helpful in that regard. This book contains information about the roofing process, roof damage and repairs, and, more importantly, how you can help clients with the insurance claims process should any damage come to their roof. Another great book is “The Roofing Machine” by Martin Petegraw.
  6. Gain firsthand experience: You can also try gaining some experience for yourself. It's one of the best ways to get acquainted with the roofing industry and its system.
  7. Enjoy the experience: Most people are so invested in growing their companies that they forget to enjoy the process. Make sure to find some time to savor your work. 
  8. Be open-minded and sharp: Different rules govern the roofing industry, so you'll need to be open-minded and adapt to that ecosystem. The ever-changing industry trends, new equipment, and more can be a gamechanger for your business.
  9. Build testimonials and gather reviews: Get some reviews from your clients on the working process of your business. You can simply ask customers for their take and post it on your company website or in brochures. These testimonials are word-of-mouth testaments to the effectiveness of your services.

What to look out for when starting a roofing company

Having a result-oriented team

Starting a roofing company without any experience requires you to have people who have experience in the roofing sector. In most cases with new businesses though, you’ll also need people who think outside the box to define your company. This begins with the onboarding process and trickles down to your values as a company.

Ideally, you should begin with a small crew and leverage roofing software that optimizes the roofing process for maximum impact. One of the industry's favorite roofing software is Roofr.

Business taxes

Business taxes are direct taxes charged on the income or capital of corporations or similar legal entities. Numerous countries impose similar taxes at the national level or an analogous tax at the state or local levels. The IRS website is a good source of information for learning about federal small business taxes, especially for the roofing sector. 

Creating a marketing strategy

At this point, you should know your target market. Who are you serving, how are you serving them, and how do you expect to reach them? Next, you need to develop a marketing plan that fits the limited budget of your company and promises quicker growth than traditional marketing strategies. 

It's best to grow a local audience through SEO and SEM strategies. This way, prospective clients can find your business when they search the internet.

Streamline your roofing process with Roofr

Capitalizing on software for roofing contractors sets your company apart from the horde. With Roofr, you’ll be able to develop high-quality proposals, generate roof reports in under 24 hours, and easily convert leads to clients.

Our mission is to provide everyone in North America with an affordable roof, and many roofing experts and contractors have turned to Roofr for similar purposes.

The average cost of reports is $30 to $40, but with us, you’ll only be paying a flat fee of $15. And whether you’re working on a shed or a shopping mall, our pricing stays the same.

If you want a complete sales toolbox for your company, consider choosing Roofr, especially if you’re planning on starting a roofing company with no experience

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