May 23, 2018

How Wind Can Create Hidden Damages On Your Shingle Roof

High winds can damage your roof even if you're not missing any shingles. Getting your roof inspected after a wind storm is extremely important. Learn more at Roofr!

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When a Hurricane or windstorm strikes it can result in major damage to homes and other properties. Much of the damage is readily apparent - tree branches on the ground, downed power lines, and debris everywhere.

Many people think that after some raking and clean up they came out of the storm lucky if they don’t have any missing shingles.

Although a patch of missing shingles is one very visible sign of wind damage to a roof, there are other ways that wind can cause permanent damage that are less apparent. Extreme winds result in a repeated uplifting and prying effect on the individual shingles.

This repeated uplifting and folding back of the shingle can cause creasing of the shingle. A creased shingle will have lost many years off of its usable life causing the need for a premature roof replacement. Often these shingles will no longer lay flat and can sometimes be spotted lifted off of the roof from the ground.

Another way that wind can damage a shingle roof is by dislodging the protective granules from the shingles. The granules serve to provide UV and weather protection to the underlying shingle. Without this protective barrier a shingle roof will see a drastic reduction in its usable life, typically needing replacement soon after as it bakes in the sun and endures the weather without an intact protective barrier.

The repeated uplift of a shingle in a Hurricane or windstorm will peel the shingle up and back and the wind will drive debris under the shingle, preventing it from ever properly adhering to the shingle below it. This will make the roof increasingly susceptible to further wind damage and can even affect the ability of the roof to shed water in extreme cases. This cause a shingle to appear to stick up also ruining the appearance of the roof.

These are just a few of the ways that a wind event can damage a shingle roof. If your home experienced extreme winds from a recent hurricane or windstorm, it would be prudent to have it properly inspected. Roofr can help you to connect with a local, licensed, insured roofing contractor to provide an inspection - typically for free!


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