May 17, 2018

I Have Roof Damage From Hurricane Irma, What Do I Do Now?

Did you know that hurricane winds result in uplifted tiles that act to break the interlocking between the tiles or in some cases the tiles altogether? If you've experienced roof damage from hurricane Irma learn how we can help. Call [866-388-6193](tel:866-388-6193) or visit us to get an instant roofing estimate now.

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Roof Damage From Hurricane Irma

Roof damage from Hurricane Irma is no joke! If you have roof damage visible from the ground, chances are it may be more widespread than you think. Hurricane force winds result in uplifted tiles that will act to break the interlocking portions between the tiles or in some cases the tiles altogether. A lot of this damage cannot be spotted or tested from the ground. Generally when a few broken tiles are spotted from the ground the overall tile damage is very widespread.

Roof Damage From Hurricane Irma?

If you've experienced roof damage from Hurricane Irma, or any major storm, here are the two things you must do after you and your family are safe. 

1.) Call your Insurer to report a claim

Many insurance policies actually require you to report damage if you see any after a storm. Have your policy number and other important information handy, and also be prepared to write some information down such as your claim number and the Adjuster’s contact information.

2.) Contact a reputable Roofing Contractor

Hire a Roofing Contractor to perform any required temporary repairs to keep your property safe and dry. A qualified roofer like the ones at Roofr can also help you document a thorough scope of damage so that you can ensure that you can submit all the necessary repairs to your Insurance Company.

It’s important to keep in mind that doing things the right way will take time. There are material and labor shortages to contend with, and the most important thing is to bring your property back to it’s pre-damage condition, which is included in most residential insurance policies.

Roofing materials and construction processes can be complex so it’s good to have a trusted resource like Roofr on your side. To get connected directly with a roofing specialist about roof damage from Hurricane Irma call 866-819-5215, a friendly roofing specialist is standing by to answer any questions your may have. Contact us today! 


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