May 9, 2024

RISE: A Recap on the First Half of Spring 2024

RISE: A Roofr Roadshow is halfway done for the Spring 2024 season. Find out where we're going next and why this is an event you won't want to miss.

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2024 marks the 2nd year that Roofr has headed out on the road with RISE. Over the past month, we have traveled to different locations across North America, connecting with roofers, sharing business tips, and sharing tips to grow their business. 

What topics are covered at RISE?

One of the first things people often wonder about the RISE event is what types of topics are covered. The value of this event over others is that we wanted to provide tangible and actionable tips and tricks that  company owners and sales managers can use to sell more roofs and grow their business. 

For example, one of our mainspeakers is Arielle from Business411. Business411 is a marketing agency that provides assistance in branding, printed assets, truck wraps, signage, advertising, digital media, marketing and business development. They’ve worked with more than 500 roofing companies to grow their marketing efforts. 

RISE 2024 speaker corey combes

At RISE, Arielle covers topics including branding, advertising, budgeting and more. 

This year’s keynote speaker is Dan Gingiss, Author of The Experience Maker. 

Dan is an author, speaker and business coach who believes that a remarkable customer experience is your best competitive advantage. His 20-year professional career spanned multiple disciplines including customer experience, marketing, social media and customer service. In the last 4 stops, he provided valuable examples on how to provide memorable customer experience to homeowners.

Dan Gingiss keynote speaker for RISE 2024

So, when you attend a rise event, you can expect to learn about topics including:

  • Great customer experience tips that will help you grow your company’s reputation
  • Systems, scenarios, and strategies to build a sales system that works
  • Marketing strategies that sets your business apart from competitors
  • How technology paired with smart marketing tactics leads to closing more job and profits

What is included in the price of RISE?

RISE tickets are $25 and cover the full day event. Your ticket price includes:

  • A light breakfast
  • Buffet Lunch
  • Drinks
  • Open bar happy hour after the event 
  • Keynote speaker (Dan)
  • A number of other educational guests
  • Incomparable networking with fellow roofers that you won’t get anywhere else

Prizes and networking and bonuses – Oh my!

As well as the educational part of the day, RISE is also a great place to meet with other local roofers and to expand  your network. Each event features a real roofer who shares their experience in the industry so you can hear from other business owners like you. The happy hour encourages people to mix and mingle, and the open table seating will make it easy to introduce yourself to new people. BONUS! There’s also live music and you can sing along to your favorite songs.

Each event will also include opportunities to win prizes by participating and filling out a feedback form. 

speakers and presenters from RISE 2024

Where is RISE going next?

RISE is half way through the season, with stops coming up in:

  • Dallas - May 21
  • Nashville - May 23
  • New Orleans - June 4
  • Chicago - June 6

You can save your seat for an event near you here

Here’s what others have to say

Don’t take it from us though. Here’s some feedback from real attendees who have already attended RISE in 2024: 

All the speakers were thorough and great to listen to.  - Joseph Mays
The entire event, from start to finish, was incredible. The guest speakers that came out to the event are very knowledgeable and the best the industry has to offer. The hospitality of the day was just fantastic, from the coffee they serve to get your day started to the breakfast and lunch that leaves you craving for more. To top it off, the happy hour and networking event gives you an opportunity to talk to like-minded individuals to continue to grow your network. I’ll definitely be coming back and recommending this to friends, family, and business partners to come and join a Roofr event. - Jerahmeel Perez Acevedo
As a new company owner, marketing is my biggest weakness. I loved listening to Business 411 and Maven talk about marketing strategies. I learned a lot. - Dwayne Yoder
Love Corey Combs and his approach towards how to hire a quality contractor. The industry needs more people like Corey helping to change the stigma of contractors should be like. Such a great experience. - Eric Neill

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