September 13, 2022

Roofr, the Roofing Platform for Roofers by Roofers, Closes $12 Million Series A Round

We've completed raising our Series A funding for a total of $12M! Here's how we made it happen, and what we'll be doing with our new investment.

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Kate Robertson

Funding will add new features including payments and lead acquisition, increase support and grow team.

San Francisco, September 13th, 2022 – Roofr, the all-in-one roofing software that allows roofers to offer estimates instantly, measure roofs via aerial imagery, and create visually stunning proposals, has announced the completion of a $12 million Series A funding round. This funding round included past participants Bullpen Capital and Crosslink Capital, along with new investors K5 Global, Vertical Venture Partners, Interplay, Ace & Co, and 12BF. This new $12 million investment will bring the total funding raised to $19 million.

The latest funding round will help Roofr build a robust end-to-end experience for roofers globally, by providing professionals with a simple way to manage their projects and speed up their ability to help their customers. With roofers’ biggest challenges in mind, Roofr intends to add features
including payments and lead acquisition, solidify new partnerships for better integrations, increase support hours, and double their team.

“Roofing is an industry that prides itself on craftsmanship and precision. We want to ensure that roofing contractors have the most advanced software to measure, estimate and build winning project proposals, helping them to save time, grow their profits , and scale fast,” said Richard Nelson, CEO of Roofr. “As a third-generation Roofer, I understand the pain industry professionals go through on a day-to-day basis running their business. From having to drive out to a home to get measurements in person, to creating pen and paper proposals. I started Roofr to solve these problems and build software for roofers, by roofers."

Since Roofr announced its seed funding in 2021, they’ve launched new features such as proposals, an instant estimator which allows roofers to provide roofing estimates in seconds. Motivated by their customers’ feedback, Roofr has measured over 1.5 million roofs, and saved roofers millions of dollars through streamlining the sales process. “Roofr has a ton of amazing features,” said Chris Schoen, CEO of Schoen Roofing. “Proposals have helped me close more jobs by providing very clean looking quotes for my customers.”

Along with growing its team and suite of features, Roofr is focusing on strategic partnerships and integrations that will significantly benefit its users. Roofr recently announced its partnership with CompanyCam, which allows roofers the ability to connect images and notes from in-person site visits with digital sales solutions.

"We're looking forward to helping Roofr continue to grow market share in the roofing contractor industry with this new round of funding," said Brad Corona, Managing Director of Vertical Venture Partners. "We always look to partner with entrepreneurs who understand their industry vertical deeply, and Roofr is the epitome of that thesis."

About Roofr
Built by roofers for roofers, Roofr is a SaaS platform that’s an all-in-one sales toolbox for roofing contractors. The company was founded by a third generation roofer with a vision to build the most trusted roofing platform in the world. Roofr gives roofing contractors everything they need to save time, money, and close more business. They offer instant estimating tools that qualify leads in seconds, aerial images to generate highly accurate roof measurement reports, and proposal software that customers can e-sign with a click.

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Sr Marketing Manager at Roofr
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