February 20, 2024

Satellite Roof Measurements for Roofing Businesses 101

Roof measurements while sipping coffee in your office? Never driving to roofs or hand measuring ever again? That's what we're talking about!

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In the competitive landscape of roofing, where time is money and precision is key, hand measuring roofs doesn't cut it any more. Driving to a house, climbing up, taking hand measurement, doing the math... there's an easier way.

Satellite measurement tools are changing the way roofing companies operate. In this blog, we're diving into:

  • What satellite measurements are
  • The benefits they provide for roofing companies
  • Why you should try it out
  • Choosing roof measuring technology

What are Satellite Roof Measurements?

Satellite roof measurement tools use images taken by satellites to map out and measure roofs. They use the roof outline as well as street-view images to determine roof pitch, square footage, and measure parts of a roof.

So, instead of climbing up on a roof and measuring by hand, you do it on your computer.

Benefits for roofing contractors

Roof reports are really handy for roofing contractors. They're better for both those doing the measurements, and for the company as a whole! Here are some of the key benefits of digital measurements.

1. Save time:

Time is a precious commodity in the roofing industry. Satellite roof measurements let you both save time measuring roofs, and getting quotes out to customers. And we don't just mean the actual measuring time.

Think about the time booking with homeowners, driving out there, getting on the roof, writing down measurements, driving back to the office, doing the math, building a quote... it adds up, quickly.

Roofing companies can quickly get measurements and create quotes more efficiently with just a few clicks, all from their office.

2.Saving money:

Using traditional measurement methods can be a real hassle, often involving lots of manual work and costly trips. Satellite roof measurements help companies save time and money by reducing tedious tasks and travel expenses. Instead, you get more quotes out, book more jobs, and ultimately save — and make! — more money.

3.Standing out from competitors:

There are a lot of roofing companies out there. And you probably offer the same products as your competitors. In today's increasingly crowded market, your ability to stand out is super important.

Using advanced technology like satellite roof measurements and sharing those with homeowners is a great and unique way to stand out from the competition. Today's homeowners LOVE technology. If you're the only one that gives them a satellite measurement, we know you'll stand out.

Rightfully so, or not, technology use impacts perceived value. So, digital measurements can help you earn trust and credibility from homeowners and potential customers.

4.Winning more jobs:

When it comes to scoring roofing jobs, being spot-on is key. With satellite tech doing the measuring, companies can wow potential clients with pinpoint accuracy, upping their chances of snagging those coveted contracts.

Plus, because you can do multiple measurements in a day, you can actually improve your speed to lead as well! And speed to lead is a major factor in roofing win rate: Quick quotes means contracts signed.

Why Should Roofing Companies Embrace Satellite Roof Measurements?

All those benefits aside, these three key reasons for WHY you need to embrace this software tool:

  • It empowers you to exceed homeowner expectations
  • It sets you up to scale and grow in the future

It is these two things that can really make the difference between a roofing company and a successful, growing roofing company.

Exceeding homeowner expectations:

Modern homeowners expect nothing less than excellence when it comes to their roofing needs. From the moments they first connect with you, they're deciding if they want to choose you or not. You build trust starting with that first touch.

By using advanced technology to upgrade your customer experience, you can blow homeowners away and exceed their expectations. Just picture a quote with a number, versus a satellite measurement with a picture of their house with details of their roof highlighted.

What would you choose if you were a homeowner?

Because referrals are the lifeblood of roofing, happy homeowners can keep your lead pipeline full.

Ability to Scale:

As roofing businesses expand their operations, the ability to replicate and grow your processes becomes super important. Satellite roof measurements offer scalability advantages by streamlining the measurement process, helping you grow without growing pains or compromising on accuracy or quality.

As you grow your team and want to take on more jobs, digital measurements can help your team continue to work efficiently, standardize what types of quotes you put out to customers, and the type of experience they can expect if they choose you as their roofer.

You need to think about growth and ease of process scaling when growing. Satellite measurements can really help you with this.

Choosing a satellite measurement software

Choosing the right satellite roof measurement software is an important decision for your business. You need to dial into your key objectives, needs, and software requirements when choosing your best fit.

You'll want to consider

  • Pricing and subscription options
  • What other tools a software partner provides or integration abilities
  • Turnaround time
  • Quality of the reports
  • Customer service and implementation tools

All of these will impact who you choose as your satellite measurement partner.

Roofr provides accurate roof measurements in 3 hours for only $12. Our measurement reports use A variety of image providers, both from Google Earth and from third-party image providers to provide high-quality measurements.

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Satellite roof measurements: The perfect sidekick to your roofing company

This software is changing the game for roofers. With this tool, roofing companies can find new levels of efficiency, accuracy, and scalability. Roofing companies can improve their business by using new technology. This will help them make clients happy and set themselves up for success in a changing market.

Roofing professionals can use satellite measurements to improve their work. This technology allows them to move beyond old methods and focus on innovation and quality in the future.

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