June 7, 2018

What Is “Discontinued” Tile?

Simply put, a discontinued tile is a tile roofing product that is no longer in production. A majority of the tile roofs in Florida have a discontinued tile product installed. Click here to get the full definition of discontinued tile and find out if you have discontinued tiles on your roof!

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There is a lot of misinformation going around regarding tile roofs and discontinued tile. Your friends at Roofr want you to get straight talk answers so that you are prepared to deal with your roofing issues.

Let's get started with a definition of discontinued roofing tiles.

What are “Discontinued” Roofing Tiles?

Simply put, a discontinued tile is a tile roofing product that is no longer in production. Tiles are commonly discontinued when roofing tile companies merge. In the past few decades, the tile roofing product industry underwent significant consolidation. The result of this consolidation is that now just a few large companies are left producing new tile products used for roofing.

Generally, when these large roofing tile companies acquired the smaller ones, they would no longer produce the smaller company’s tile products anymore. These abandoned product lines are what we refer to as “discontinued” tile.

Why Should You be Aware of Discontinued Roofing Tile?

The reason this matters to homeowners is that the tile products that are now discontinued were designed to interlock with each other, and are not compatible and will not interlock with other tile products. For this and other reasons, it is against Florida Building Code to repair a discontinued tile roof. 

This is extremely important because the majority of thetile roofs in Floridahave a discontinued tile product installed.

The Florida Building Code was designed to enforce the health and safety of the people of Florida. For this reason, it is against Florida Building Code to repair a roof with tile products that are not compatible and do not interlock. This prevents the tile from falling and injuring people, protects the integrity and safety of the overall roofing system, and ensures an attractive, uniform, and adequately performing roofing system.

If you want to know if you have discontinued tile on your roof, give us a call at 866-819-5215 to get connected directly with a discontinued tile roofing specialist.


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