How Roofr's Instant Estimator Helped Close a $52k Job Days After Implementation

Company Info
at Watchman Roofing
Amanda Veinott
CEO, Maven Roofing & Exteriors


Clunky programs. Messy user experience. Bulky features that don’t add value. These struggles were Amanda’s reality when searching for a new software tool at her old company. She spent time searching for a replacement tool for their current business productivity tool, knowing there was a better fit out there. She looked at a few companies, but the search slowed and then stopped because the old business owner wasn’t on board.

She needed software that was easy to use and had a beautiful interface–all at an affordable price. Her software needed to simplify daily tasks and help her close leads, not take up time and make simple tasks complicated. A software tool she had discovered back in 2021 came to mind: Roofr.


In 2021, Amanda attended the Reeva conference where she met Nic, a member of the Roofr sales team. The Roofr platform jumped out at her. She remembered thinking: “This is what my company really needs!” Now, running her own business, she knew it was time to try Roofr. If the features, benefits, and incredible user experience hadn’t won her over, the price would have.Diving into the tools, she was immediately blown away by the results.


The price point makes it so stupid simple to make the decision to try it. Everyone else is charging way more money for something that doesn’t have the same functionality. As a start up, I was looking for something that was affordable, and that I felt had real value. Roofr tools are very cost conscientious for what you get, and were highly valuable.

The Instant Estimator Makes it Easy to Close Leads

The Instant Estimator tool keeps customers in the driver's seat. We get that conversation about price out of the way, making them feel in control when I reach out to make that first point of contact. At that point, since they’ve already seen a number, we can focus on the actual job, the type of roof they want, and the details of what they’re looking for. The entire time, they feel empowered and that makes closing deals easier.


The Instant Estimator – a tool that lets homeowners see job estimates in just few clicks–stood out to her as the perfect addition to her marketing efforts. Amanda does no paid marketing, and relies on word of mouth, social media, and the community connections she’s built to bring in business. She uses the instant estimator tool to take her unpaid advertising to the next level. 36 hours after the tool went live, she got her first lead. It brought her a $52,000 job that she closed in less than 7 days.

The Instant Estimator closes 25% of all leads. Of those leads, she meets with half, and closes 50% of those meetings. That leads to 2 extra jobs per month with little to no active prospecting on her end. Roofr Proposals is another tool that helps her run a successful roofing business.


IE Close Rate


Meeting Close Rate


Hours for First Lead


on First Job Closed

most loved features

The Instant Estimator has helped close many, high value leads but I also love the Roofr proposal tool. It's the biggest time saver in my life when it comes to roofing. What I used to have to do manually or through spreadsheets, I don’t have to do anymore. An estimate that could have taken me an hour in the past now takes me only 20 minutes. It takes time to get it set up with all the info I need, but it saves so much time in the end.

"With proposals, you can quickly build quotes with measurements and price breakdowns, and send them digitally to homeowners all in one single tool. I would absolutely recommend Roofr to other roofing businesses."