July 12, 2023

Roofing Tools Every Contractor Must Have In Their Arsenal

Whether you're looking to establish a roofing company or going to work for one, getting ready for roofing necessitates the acquisition of specific roofing tools.

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Whether you're looking to establish a roofing company or going to work for one, getting ready for roofing necessitates the acquisition of specific tools. 

Here are some roofing tools we believe every roofer should have. Though the ones listed in this article are the most noteworthy, you’ll likely need a comprehensive arsenal for your everyday activities. We’ll also go over how Roofr can help you streamline the roofing process. 


Of course, all roofing jobs will require a ladder. Unstable ladders can obviously be dangerous, but if you haven’t replaced yours in a while thinking that it’s still good, you may want to reconsider. Make sure you inspect your ladder every so often so you know when it's time to replace it with a new one that offers you a sense of security. New roofing tools represent a commitment to safety.

Adjustable two and three-fold ladders are highly durable and sturdy. They can be compacted to fit comfortably in any vehicle. Extension ladders can be modified or set up for staging to hold stuff. These come in handy when you're on a steep incline and need a place to work.

A nailer

The most essential tool required to become a roofer is a nailer. To be a good roofer, you’ll need to be an expert at productively nailing at the right speed. A coil nailer is, by far, the nail gun most preferred due to its effectiveness. They’re available in various sizes to accommodate a variety of nail lengths.

They're also helpful in cases like shooting ring shank nails to lay down planks of plywood. Pneumatic and battery models are available, and both work well. However, the air gun remains the industry preference.

No matter the type you use, you must ensure that you have enough accessory supply required to maintain it and keep it completely working.


Roofing hammers are hand tools that are commonly used in conjunction with nailers. You can use the roofing hammer to tap down nails that are not correctly directed but have a sufficient seal in a tar line. At times, it may be necessary to remove a nail and start all over. For this, a hammer can come in handy.

Along with roofing knives, this tool is essential to carry in your nail bag. It can assist with removing misplaced tiles and cleaning work areas. 

When buying a roofing hammer, you’ll find that there are various distinct hammer forms that all fall under similar categories. Some resemble a hatchet—others resemble a standard hammer that’s missing one of the claws. But, again, these looks are standard, with multiple types available for you to select from.

Hammer tackers

Roofing jobs can come to a stop without the necessary roofing tools available to do things like laying down underlayments.

So it’s important to have tools like hammer tackers, which allow you to staple paper in the same rapid action that you’d nail tiles down. This keeps your crews working and utilizing techniques they’re comfortable with. 

T-50 staples are usually used with hammer tackers, favored for their durability and wide availability.

Hammer tackers feature the same essential machine parts as a standard hand-powered staple gun. The only caveat is that hammer tackers can only be set by impact.

Measuring tape

A measuring tape is a pretty straightforward tool. It assists you in taking accurate measurements. Although simple, measuring tapes are essential in every construction toolset, regardless of your job type.

Nowadays, you can even buy laser instruments to help you take measurements. However, an old school trusty measuring tape is probably the best option, as laser instruments can be unreliable due to inaccuracy over short distances. If you decide to use a laser tool, it would be good to have a measuring tape on hand as a backup.

Shingle removers

Often referred to interchangeably as a roofing shovel, shingle removers do as their name implies and look slightly different than regular shovels. For example, one type of shingle remover looks like a shovel with teeth. Various kinds of shingle removers are utilized in diverse applications. Some, for instance, are designed to make it easier for one person to do a tear-off.

Roofing air compressors

Operating pneumatic air requires air compressor roofing tools. Finding a high-quality compressor can assist you in maintaining the proper amount of air pressure needed for certain equipment, allowing you to complete a project more successfully.

If you have a large crew working on a roof, you might want to consider purchasing a device with a larger air tank. Air compressors can power many tools simultaneously, making your job more efficient.

Toe boards 

Toe boards are roofing tools and equipment used for projects on steep roofs. Before you start roofing work, toe boards (wood or steel brackets) are nailed to various areas of the roof. Lacking these boards can cause workers to struggle to maintain a firm footing on uneven surfaces, making them vulnerable to minor falls even if they’re wearing a harness.

You might also use these brackets to accommodate any equipment required.

Regardless, remember that prevention is the best medicine. So even if you're a highly experienced roofer, it’s important to always keep these safety measures in mind.

Cordless drills

A power drill is a must-have tool for every handyman. When working on a roof, a corded drill is usually out of the question. There’s unlikely to be a power outlet on the roof, and if you use an extended power socket, you risk tripping over the wire. A corded drill minimizes the risk and trouble of constantly handling the power cable. Additionally, this sort of drill is very lightweight, making it ideal for roofing.

Choose the right roofing tools and the right platforms to streamline operations

As you can see, quite a bit of equipment is required for roofing. If you’re looking to truly scale your business, you must add these essential and unique roofing tools to your arsenal to complete your roofing jobs seamlessly.

You’ll also want to consider investing in technological solutions like Roofr, which streamline the roofing sales process. Roofr helps you win clients and remain competitive with accurate measurements, near-instant quotes, and job-winning proposals.

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