June 6, 2018

Roof Replacement Costs: How to Estimate Online

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Keeping Roofing Costs Under Control Without Sacrificing Quality

When your roof needs replacement you can now get your roofing costs online, but there are still many variables to consider before starting your roofing project. You have to budget for underlayment, shingles, possible underlying repairs, and the skill of the contractors involved. You also have to plan for contingencies relative to selling your home in the future. Moreover, you will find out how to determine if you need roof repairs or replacement in the first place, develop an applicable budget for the job, search for cost calculators online, and vet prospective contractors.

Do You Need Roof Repairs or Replacement?

The signs might be readily apparent, such as needing a bucket when it rains or seeing shingles falling off your roof. Other times, the signs might be hidden. For example, if there is a problem on the very top of your roof, unless you are well-acquainted with ladders and have a good sense of balance and can climb up and look for yourself, you might never know until far too late. In the 21st century, there is a terrific way to look at your roof without leaving your living room: satellite imagery! Companies like Roofr use satellite imagery to establish a detailed and accurate assessment of a roof's condition.

What Else Should I Look for?

Do a walk around your home. Visually inspect the edges of the roof and all areas you can see from the ground. Make note of any missing or loose shingles. Also, make careful note of the condition of gutters, downspouts, soffits, and fascia during this inspection. It would also be prudent either to have someone check for obstructions in gutters and downspouts or to do it yourself. If water collects in these and then freezes during the winter, the resulting weight can rip apart the edge of your roof and leave you needing a new roof when the disaster could have been averted. Based on what you see, consult with a professional and form a plan together about what's needed. From there, you can better assess how much the project may cost.

How Much Do You Want or Need to Spend?

The number one characteristic of determining the cost of a roofing job is the quality of the materials used. Tar paper, or roofing felt, for example, starts at about $16 per roll. Advanced underlayments, such as Deck Armor®, cost about $200 per roll. A roll of 15-weight felt covers 400 square feet. A roll of Deck Armor® covers 1,000 square feet. When it comes to the shingles themselves, economy-class asphalt shingles could be as little as $15 a bundle, and each bundle would cover roughly 30 square feet. Cedar Shakes, on the other hand, usually cost more than $30 a bundle and cover between 20 and 25 square feet a bundle. Usually, it’s wise to use the highest-quality items you can afford. They last longer and protect better. Your contractor will give you a roofing estimate before beginning the job. Most contractors will do this for free too.

Where Can You Find Roofing Calculators Online?

There are many online roofing calculators, doing a simple Google search will show you what online roofing calculators are available. Although some are better than others, it's wise to consult with several sites that offer online roofing software. Each site might use a different algorithm or use a different starting price point. In addition, some roofing software is designed for specific regions, so be sure to check if the site you are using has a setting relevant to where you live. Remember, however, that the free roofing estimates shown by websites are no substitute for estimates from contractors.

How Do You Vet Your Contractor?

Most reputable contractors will offer testimonials. Many are highly rated by the Better Business Bureau, fully accredited, or both. Most will also provide links to online reviews provided by their customers in addition to testimonials. However, this shouldn't be considered an alternative for talking with the contractor face-to-face.

There is no one-size-fits-all method to saving money, whether you need a new roof or just a repair. Follow the methods outlined above, and you will have a good idea of where you stand. Roof replacement shouldn’t be complicated. Before 'signing on the dotted line' for roof repair, roof replacement, or any other applicable job, be sure everything feels right and is on the up and up. Do your research into roofing costs and your various options, and you will be fine.

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