April 23, 2024

26 Ways Online Payments will Improve Your Roofing Business

Feeling unsure about how, exactly, online payments can help your roofing business? Here are 26 of the tops ways it'll make a difference to your business.

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Jennifer Cote

Have you been collecting cash or cheque payments for your roofing jobs? Hesitant to move into online payments? We get it. Searching for software, getting set up, training your team, updating your invoices… it’s a lot of work and it could be a pain in the butt.

But! If you think about the big picture — running your business effectively, saving your team time, reducing overhead, and making it easy to get paid — online payments make sense.

Here are 26 ways that online payments can help your roofing business that you probably haven’t thought of.

  1. You don’t need to spend time manually collecting checks any more.
  2. It saves you gas money because you’re not driving around collecting checks (or going to the bank).
  3. Homeowners will find it easier to pay you which leads to a better customer experience which…
  4. Helps to drive more referrals to you (leading to more jobs and more money!)
  5. You’ll get paid quicker.
  6. It’s less steps and time to get money into the bank. That payment goes right into your account.
  7. No need to wait for checks to clear or deal with bounced checks.
  8. Sets you apart from the competition because online payments for roofs is a bonus for customers — and can ultimately win you more jobs.
  9. Improves your admin’s day to day work because online payment requires less bureaucratic work that checks.
  10. It improves your cash flow by getting money into the bank quicker, and improving the efficiency of your money moving.
  11. Easier to report and track income with an all-in-one payment tool.
  12. Easier to measure average job payout, income, net earnings, and make business predictions with an integrated reporting tool.
  13. Automated reminders mean less manual follow-up work for you and your team.
  14. Online payments connect with online invoices which can be delivered VIA email, reducing paper, mail, housecalls, and other repetitive time-consuming tasks.
  15. You aren’t forcing homeowners to buy checks (most don’t have them anymore).
  16. You get notified when payments are made so you’re kept in the loop in real time.
  17. No need to make trips to the bank to deposit checks or cash.
  18. Proof of payment helps keep you protected from homeowners.
  19. Partial payments can be collected depending on your business and customer needs.
  20. No more lost checks or missing cash.
  21. Way more secure, with fraud detection and encryption to safely transfer money.
  22. Homeowners can pay when works for them, at any time of day.
  23. Less touchpoints between you and your money means less opportunities for something to go wrong.
  24. Simple to reconcile payments and do accounting/bookkeeping.
  25. Less cost and time printing invoices and mailing receipts.
  26. Reporting and papertrail is increased, so you can provide homeowners with proof of payment at any point later on in the future.

Curious about digital payments? Check our our complete guide to online payments for roofers here.

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