August 4, 2022

Roofing Sales: How to Make $100k

This post contains everything you need to know about how to make $100k in roofing sales. We also discuss how you can fast-track that process by using top-of-the-line software like Roofr.

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In recent years, 65% of roofers reported a growth in revenue and sales in their business. Moreover, the roofing industry’s market size is currently worth about $56.1 billion in the US. So it’s not surprising that roofers would be looking to make $100k in sales, as well. 

This post contains everything you need to know about how to make $100k in roofing sales. We also discuss how you can fast-track that process by using top-of-the-line software like Roofr.

Get into roofing sales

Roofing sales is the process of selling roofing materials and services to customers. Salespersons market products for commercial or residential buildings, as well as services to repair roofs or install new ones. Many roofing salespeople earn a commission, which is where all the money is made.

Top materials for roofing sales

Some roofing materials that salespeople often sell can include:

Asphalt shingles

This is one of the most common roofing materials in America since it's economical and straightforward to install, meaning they’re in high demand and guaranteed to sell well. They’re used in both residential and commercial buildings. 

Additionally, asphalt shingles require low maintenance and aren’t affected by most climatic conditions. However, they do have a short life span compared to other roofing materials.


Metal roofing materials are durable with a life expectancy of 40-70 years. Additionally, it's fireproof and resistant to adverse weather conditions, requiring low maintenance. Plus, it's lightweight and can be easily transported, making them ideal to sell to contractors.

Clay tiles

This material is primarily used in hotter and drier areas. They’re highly durable and have a life expectancy of 100 years. On top of that, they don't expand and contract as temperatures change, which can be great for sales in warmer regions. However, this material is quite heavy compared to others, and also costs more during installation and repair.


Slate is fireproof and resistant to adverse weather conditions. It has a lifespan of 80 to 100 years and requires little maintenance, but it can be expensive. Still, its long life makes it sellable for roofers working on projects requiring a more natural appearance.

Qualifying as a roofing salesperson 

Technically, all you need is a high school diploma to start working as a salesperson. Although it's not mandatory, previous experience in construction or roofing is an added advantage and helps you navigate the market much more easily.

How to make $100k in roofing sales

Here are some additional guidelines to help you make $100k in roofing sales.

Use a software platform

One way to climb your way to $100k is to optimize your process. We recommend using top-notch roofing software like Roofr for this.

Roofr is a tool that allows you to generate accurate roof measurement reports and job-winning proposals on the go. With Roofr’s easy-to-create proposals, you're guaranteed to snag more clients and capture more signatures.

The reason: Roofr proposals are as functional as they are stunning. You can personalize your proposals to stand out from your competition. What’s more, you can create them with a simple click of a button.

Accumulate experience and training

Before selling roofs to customers, you’ll need a thorough understanding of the roofing process. This may involve taking on a formal three-year apprenticeship, or becoming more acquainted with the industry through other avenues of learning.

Develop a website

Websites can sometimes be neglected by businesses, but they’re arguably one of the most important ways to sell your services. 

Your website gives you an online presence and allows people to find your business, so it’s important to ensure that it looks professional, is aesthetically appealing, and is easy to navigate. Focus your pages on the roofing products and services your business offers. Not sure where to start? This article will help you get started with marketing your roofing business online.

Increase marketing efforts

If you’re wanting to make more money in roofing sales, you’ll need to increase awareness and reach potential customers by advertising your business and the services you offer. This is where marketing comes in.

Effective marketing strategies for roofing contractors can include (as previously mentioned) creating a larger online presence, developing targeted marketing campaigns, and participating in local networking events.

Network with other roofing professionals

Consider joining roofing associations, participating in roofing competitions, and attending trade shows related to roofing. Interacting with other roofing professionals helps you establish connections by learning directly from the local community.

Offer discounts

Discounts help with attracting new customers and keeping existing ones. Offer discounts on, for example, certain roofing installation services or specific roofing products to encourage sales.

Develop a good rapport with your customers

Establishing and developing a good rapport with your customers not only includes providing them with quality services, but also making sure they feel heard and understood when it comes to the problems they’re experiencing with their roofing. 

Be friendly with your customers, offer help wherever possible, and follow-up with them after they’ve made a purchase to ensure they’re satisfied.  

Provide free estimates

Free quotations and estimates show potential customers that you’re willing and ready to work with them. Additionally, it gives them an idea of how much money they’ll be required to pay for your services.

You can easily create roofing estimates through software like Roofr, for instance. The platform gives you estimates in minutes and calculates materials automatically from your measurement report, which you can pass down to customers to ensure they’re serviced sooner.

Ask for referrals

Referrals are a great way to promote your roofing business and reach a wider audience. You can ask and incentivize your customers to refer you to their friends should they require roofing services. The higher the number of referrals, the higher the roofing sales.

Customers are much more likely to purchase when they’ve heard from a trusted source that a service is reliable. In fact, 64% of marketers regard word of mouth to be the most efficient form of marketing.

Roofr streamlines the roofing sales process

There you have it — how to make 100k in roofing sales! While it’s not impossible, you’re going to have to put in work to achieve that golden number. Following this guide, you should be able to make $100k in roofing sales in no time.

Consider also investing in software platforms that help make the roofing process easier. Roofr allows you to get a roof report in under 24 hours for only $15. Our mission is to help you grow your business, stay ahead of the competition, and streamline your sales process.

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