September 14, 2018

Introducing Roofr

Introducing Roofr! Learn about Roofr and how we plan on bringing the roofing industry to the current day and age by using state-of-the-art technology. If you have any questions and would like to connect directly with a roofing specialist call us today at 866-819-5215 or visit us at

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What is Roofr?


We currently exist in the age of technology. Almost every aspect of our lives has been simplified and streamlined with the help of automated advancements. The roofing industry however, seems to be stuck in the technological dark ages. Roofr aims to change that.

Why is the roofing industry seemingly stuck in the dark ages?

Enter the hero of our story, Richard Nelson. With a career spanning 15 years within all facets of the roofing industry, Richard found himself asking that very question,“Why do we still do it this way?”. He witnessed the ins and outs, in capabilities and inefficiencies of an industry that hasn’t evolved since its inception.

The roofing industry, as it stands, has many opportunities for improvement. For a homeowner looking to have work done on their home, there can seem to be many daunting challenges.

  • Weeding through masses of roofing companies in the area
  • Figuring out which of them is properly insured
  • Determining who can provide the best service and installation

You could face these challenges while spending outrageous amounts of money to hopefully get the job done the way you expect.Richard knew there had to be a better way.

Your home is your biggest investment. The process of protecting it doesn’t have to be complicated or antiquated.

Introducing: Roofr!

No middlemen, no crazy markups or overhead, no sleezy salesmen; and the added bonus ofwholesale pricingon materials, plusdirect guidanceandgreat warranties. By calling the internet our home base we’ve managed to save ourselves a ton of money, and are so pleased we get to pass those savings on to you. We are quite simply yourone-stop-online-shopwith a few added perks.

We start by using our satellite imagery technology to provide you with a free online estimate. Before ever picking up a phone, you have a roofing quoteaccurate within 10%right in front of you. Here’s the best part, at Roofr we’ve already done the legwork for you! We’ve done the research, and hand selected the best roofers in your area. All of our installers have full liability insurance, WSIB clearance, and have excelled in the business for at least 10 years.

Why Choose Roofr?

We’re all about savings; saving you time and saving you money. We believe in providing the peace of mind you need when replacing or repairing the very roof over your head. Your home is your biggest investment. The process of protecting it doesn’t have to be complicated or antiquated.

Stop wasting your time and money, let us put a roof over your head, the easy way!

 Get started here or call 866-819-5215 today!

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