February 21, 2024

Roofr's Instant Estimator: Everything You Need To Know

Get the lowdown on the Instant Estimator tool by Roofr. There's nothing else like it out there.

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Not all leads are created equal. And when you rely on a generic form on your website to capture new leads - it’s hard to know which to prioritize. You need visibility on lead quality, so you can quickly prioritize the high-intent leads most likely to close. 

Without that visibility, sorting through leads becomes a vicious cycle of wasted time, unqualified leads, and wasted marketing effort.

That’s where Roofr's Instant Estimator can help.

What is the Instant Estimator?

The Instant Estimator is a digital tool that streamlines the way you capture, qualify, and quote. 

It’s a powerful lead qualification tool on its own, but the real magic happens when you connect it to your Roofr CRM to optimize your sales flow. Use Roofr measurements and proposals to optimize your sales process so you not only quote faster, but close faster.

The Instant Estimator automated quoting helps with: 

  • Lead Qualification streamlined for time savings 
  • Marketing Optimization to get the most out of your marketing dollars
  • Homeowner Experience that helps you stand out

Let’s look at these a little closer.

Lead qualification with the IE

Following up with every lead is slow, and in the time it takes to get in touch with the qualified leads, it may be too late. Or, maybe you get to leads fast, only to be left to haggle with customers over pricing.

Lead qualification is a two-way street. Homeowners need to trust you, but you also need to focus on the right leads for your business. The Instant Estimator does the heavy lifting when it comes to qualification. 

Collect important project details upfront

Homeowners enter all their information, including their timeline and the urgency of the job. By the time the lead hits your inbox, you have what you need to qualify and prioritize before you even pick up the phone. This saves you a ton of back and forth to get the information you need, and you can skip right to the closing part.

Give homeowners the information they need to confidently choose you

The Instant Estimator calculates the homeowner's roof and creates a quote based on the materials and prices you’ve set. Homeowners instantly receive a quote they know is customized to them, and they get an idea of pricing options. The quotes include multiple material options, and prices are displayed as ranges. This price conditions your leads without locking you into a promised price, and they’re better prepared for your call.

Stop manually creating estimates for leads that go nowhere

When following up on a lead and capturing information over the phone, you’re at the mercy of a lot of factors. And then, homeowners have to trust the number you’re giving them. That doesn’t build the visual trust that homeowners need to see to trust that the estimate is accurate. 

Now, you and your leads are on the same page, putting you two steps ahead by the time you reach out. That’s what we call a win-win. 

Simplifying marketing optimization

If you’re spending money on marketing without a way to instantly capture leads wherever they see your company logo, you’re missing out on potential leads. 

Relying on generic forms is inefficient, and causes dropoff, especially if leads can only find them on your website. In a competitive market, it’s hard to communicate that value without speaking to the homeowner. The Instant Estimator delivers instant and accurate roof estimates, wherever your leads are.

Quicker speed-to-lead

The Instant Estimator doesn’t generate more marketing leads - it won’t write your SEO or make more people see your ads. But what it will do, is make that marketing much more efficient. Time to value is the key to marketing.

The Instant Estimator removes the time, and steps, that it takes homeowners to get to what they really want - a price for their roof. The interactive digital experience also builds trust without the face-to-face conversation - homeowners add their own details in real-time so they know what they’re getting is accurate.

Expand your lead capture – and get creative

 You can add Instant Estimator to all your marketing material, making all of your marketing efficient lead capture tools. With QR codes for printed marketing materials like door hangers, business cards, flyers etc you can trust that anywhere a lead has a phone, they can get an estimate. 

Of course, adding links to all your digital marketing does the same thing - ensuring potential leads can get instant quotes without having to find their way back to your website. And anywhere your leads get quotes, you get their contact details. 

Trackable urls for better reporting

When marketing and lead generation are just one part of running a roofing business, it can be hard to do it well without wasting some money first. Not measuring your marketing means you have no clue what’s actually working! You want to put your money behind things that are actually bringing you leads.

You can see lead performance for each Instant Estimator link you create, meaning you can analyze who, what, and where you’re getting the most leads. 

When you start looking into turning your IE links into QR codes, you can start getting really creative! Door hangers, trucks, lawn signs, business cars, balloons at events, banners... the possibilities are endless!

You can continuously narrow your focus and spend more efficiently, without needing a degree in marketing (heck I don’t even have a degree in Marketing). 

Homeowner experience

When it comes down to it, homeowner experience wins jobs. It’s been found that you’re 7x more likely to close a deal when you reach out within the first hour of a lead coming in. The Instant Estimator helps you not only get in touch with quality leads faster, it delivers a convenient online experience that helps you stand out from the competition.

Convenient experience homeowners want

Homeowners want to research and compare their options on their own, so they feel in control. With the online estimator, they can get a customized quote before even speaking to a rep. 

The transparent questionnaire builds trust

Homeowners use their address to start the online quote, building trust that the quote they’re getting is customized to them. They’re informed and empowered when it comes time to make a decision. 

Stand out from the competition

Homeowners get professional, branded quotes that are customized to their project needs. Delivering detailed quotes to the palm of their hand not only gets you two steps ahead of your competition, it helps you stand out from the sea of generic forms and slow follow-ups. 

The Instant Estimator: Helping you work smarter

When it comes to running a roofing business, contractors wear a lot of hats. The Instant Estimator takes the guesswork out of lead qualification and improves efficiency across your marketing and sales pipeline, giving you back time to focus on all the other stuff.

Explore the Instant Estimator for yourself.

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