October 18, 2023

Roofr Raises $23.5M in Funding to Build Out the End-to-End Roofing Software

We're excited to announce that Roofr has raised $23.5M in funding. This investment will help accelerate the development and launch of groundbreaking roofing solutions, including our newly launched CRM, and soon-to-be-launched Payment Processing, Material Purchasing, and more.

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[San Francisco, October 18 2023] — We're excited to announce that Roofr has raised $23.5M in funding.  This investment will help accelerate the development and launch of groundbreaking roofing solutions, including their newly launched CRM, and soon-to-be-launched Payment Processing, Material Purchasing, and more. The round was led by Vertical Venture Partners with participation from ABC Supply Co, the largest roofing supplier in North America, and several new and existing investors including Bullpen Capital, Interplay Ventures, i2BF, SVB, Ace & Company, MGFO, and Podemsky Ventures. 

ABC Supply’s investment underscores the promising future of Roofr's platform. The strategic relationship aims to drive innovation and value for roofing contractors in North America while providing them with access to the Roofr CRM software that will ultimately make their business faster, stronger, and more streamlined.

"ABC Supply is proud to support Roofr's Series A+ funding round and the launch of additional features to their platform,” said Kris Kieffer, ABC Supply’s Director of Business Platform & Customer Enablement. “We believe Roofrs' potential to streamline operations and drive growth will have a significant impact on the lives of roofers”.

Roofr is one of the fastest-growing roofing softwares in North America, famous for their world-class service, $10 measurement reports, powerful estimates and proposals, and easy-to-use platform. Founded by third-generation roofer, Richard Nelson, their team has been dedicated to transforming the roofing industry by building cutting-edge technology to improve efficiency and automate workflows for roofers everywhere. 

What exactly will Roofr be doing with this funding, and how will it benefit roofers?

Roofr will be focusing on improving their popular tools like Roofr Measurement Reports, Proposals, and their Instant Estimator while also creating new features based on roofers feedback and their pain points. They recently announced the launch of their highly demanded CRM that includes easy job management such as Workflows, Tasks, Job Boards, an Analytics Dashboard, and much more. Roofr will also be releasing Payments, Material Purchasing, and Customer Communications by the end of 2023 so that roofers can accept payments and offer financing for jobs, send invoices, and sync to their accounting software with ease. Their goal is to use the funding to accelerate development, as they continue creating the all-in-one platform for roofers everywhere.

What are Roofr’s growth plans?

Roofr has continuously been strategic in only hiring the best talent for each role. Since their last round of funding, their team grew from a headcount of 50 to over 100, and filled executive-level positions in Marketing, Product, Talent, and Revenue. With the successful funding round, Roofr plans to expand its team across various functions, including engineering, research, product development, sales, and marketing. This strategic expansion will enable the company to strengthen its capabilities, drive innovation, and meet the evolving needs of its growing customer base.

Roofr's CEO and third-generation roofer, Richard Nelson, expressed gratitude and excitement about the successful funding round, stating, "Since starting Roofr in 2016, we’ve experienced incredible growth and we’re grateful to our loyal customers for making that possible. Although we are rapidly approaching profitability, adequately capitalized, and weren’t actively fundraising, it was clear that this additional capital would give us the opportunity to be offensive at a time when others are being conservative, and continue to build our end-to-end roofing software even faster. Now that we’re partnered with esteemed partners, such as ABC Supply, that share our vision of transforming the roofing industry, the sky is the limit. This investment will enable us to accelerate our mission and create the category-defining platform in the roofing industry.”

Brad Corona, Managing Director at Vertical Venture Partners, was quick to share his excitement stating “VVP is thrilled to lead Roofr's funding round and continue supporting their approach to modernizing the roofing industry. Since our original investment last year, our belief in Roofr's potential to disrupt the market, enhance efficiency, and drive sustainability has deepened significantly. With this investment, we are confident in Roofr's ability to continue to build innovative products, expand its market presence, and become a leader in roofing technology.”

One champion Roofr user, Ben Morrow, owner of ROOF TIGER, shared his thoughts on this funding round. "Roofr has completely elevated the way I approach my roofing projects. Their accurate measurements, custom proposals, and instant estimates have streamlined my business operations and helped me win more jobs. Their CRM is a transformative tool that has further enhanced my productivity. I'm grateful to be a part of Roofr's user community and excited to see how they continue to innovate and create technologically advanced roofing solutions. Safe to say, Roofr is a game-changer for ROOF TIGER.”

About Roofr: Roofr is a roofing technology startup that aims to revolutionize the industry through innovation and advanced technology. Roofr offers accurate Roof Measurements, custom Proposals, Instant Estimates, CRM, and soon-to-be-released Payment Processing, Integrated Financing, and Material Purchasing. These tools help roofers everywhere to streamline their businesses and win more jobs.

Interested in trying their newly launched CRM? Click HERE to sign up now.

For more information, please contact Kate Robertson at [email protected].

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