March 18, 2019

The Best Markets for Canadian Contractors

Finding the best location for a Canadian roofing business is key to maximizing opportunity and revenue.

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We previously discussed the importance of location in the United States when establishing a roofing business. Canada is no different—specific areas are better suited for particular products or services versus others. Identifying the best markets for roofing businesses in Canada is a big contributor to the success of a company. Finding the right area before establishing or relocating your roofing business will allow you to grow into a fruitful enterprise.

The “where” is important

Location is a critical aspect of success. Without enough clientele for the kind of roofing services you perform (residential, commercial, or both) then the business will suffer from an inability to make adequate revenue.

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Identifying markets that are prime for development or rehabilitation is a preliminary step in becoming a contractor in Canada. As we mentioned before, make a list to visualize the pros and cons of regions you’re considering. Such a tool will help in evaluating which region is the right spot for you.

An overview of Canada and identifying top markets

Various locations throughout the country are fantastic for roofing contractors—and the Canadian construction industry in general. Canada has a great economy and several areas are growing as a result. The overall financial stability of the country means that on the whole, it’s ideal for virtually any kind of home building or renovation service.

As the climate differs from coast to coast, so do the opportunities for—and types of—roofing jobs. On the west coast, cities in British Columbia have comfortable summers and moderate winters. Areas near Lake Ontario and the other Great Lakes are also known for ideal climates.

Several places around the country hold reputations for one or more positive traits: a fun tourist location, a great place to retire, or a tech hub. These areas and their surrounding suburbs furnish substantial opportunities for the roofing industry as they attract other top contractors and new residents with resources to invest in properties.

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While the US might have a higher GDP than Canada, the median Canadian income is much higher when compared to the US. For those that have been considering markets in either country, this makes growing or already well-populated areas in Canada the better choice. Plus, of course, there’s Roofr to help you find job leads!

Best markets in Canada for roofing companies

The foundation for growing a roofing business into a thriving entity is locating an area with high growth and other valuable living metrics. It’s not necessarily about finding the largest city, as this can sometimes mean more competition. Below are the cities we consider to be great opportunities for Canadian roofing contractors.

roofing contractors canadian two girls sitting on city rooftop

Cochrane, Alberta

Though this is a small city of fewer than 30,000 people, it’s one of the fastest-growing urban centers in the country. It’s half an hour away from Calgary, arguably Canada’s largest tech hub. While not a booming hotspot, it’s a perfect location for families that want to get outside the city. If you’re planning on offering commercial roofing services, close proximity to the city means an easy commute.

Milton, Ontario

Since the year 2000, the population in this town has more than tripled in size and it is still growing annually by about 4.1 percent. It’s less than an hour west of Toronto and a little over a half an hour east of Cambridge. This puts it right in the middle of two metropolitan locations. Several young families are making the transition to the area for the great schools and many youth-geared activities.

roofing contractors canadian railroad traks into town

Mirabel, Quebec

Just outside the island city and popular tourist location of Montreal lies Mirabel. This quiet town has been growing at a surprising rate from people migrating into the area because of the many job opportunities in the city. Even though the city of Montreal is considered the second-largest French-speaking city in the world, close to 60% of the population also speaks English.

Greater Vancouver, British Columbia

The city of Vancouver is considered one of the most diverse cities in all of Canada, which is why it attracts both tourists and immigrants from all around the world. The center of the town is a flourishing metropolis, allowing the surrounding areas of Greater Vancouver to become high-growth communities. The climate is said to be one of the most comfortable in the world, and another added bonus is the gorgeous surroundings of waterways and mountains!

Abbotsford, British Columbia

To be more specific regarding Greater Vancouver, we might suggest Abbotsford which lies east of the big city and on the US-Canada border. It’s a diverse place of opportunity, with a strong  aviation and aerospace industry (rocket scientists need roofs too), lots of agriculture in the surrounding rural region and some niche manufacturing firms. This adds up to an economy that is expected to be one of the fastest-growing in the country in 2019.

The city offers plenty of residential and commercial growth and construction, and is also close to the aforementioned attractions of Vancouver.

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Canada currently has a very favorable economy, which makes certain locations ideal for roofing suppliers and Canadian contractors. If you’re already a resident, consider moving to one of these locations to grow your roofing business. If you’re looking to and able to migrate, Canada is thick with opportunity.

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