March 14, 2019

The Top Markets for U.S. Roofing Contractors

Finding the best location for your roofing business can be the difference between great success and falling way short of expectations.

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The idea of “location, location, location” in real estate holds true for other industries as well. For example, a tractor supply store wouldn’t do well in downtown Chicago. The same concept applies to the roofing industry as well—it should come as no surprise that roofing companies perform best in areas of high growth.

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Perhaps the area you live in is an optimal market for new construction or renovation. For some, the surrounding areas aren’t a great fit for roofing endeavors. Going to where you can find the most business as a roofing company is a key to success.

Why location matters for a roofing business

Not everyone with the drive to create a successful roofing business lives in the best location to make this dream a reality. It’s subject to the basic laws of supply and demand—great experience, proper insurance, and talented staff don’t always translate to success. Without enough demand, even well-equipped businesses won’t have the clientele to generate enough revenue.

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Though relocation may not feel ideal, establishing your business in an area that’s not prime for new development or lacking in renovation projects translates to minimal revenue. While some companies can skate along with minimal business, this will destroy many. Before settling on your immediate area or one that seems appealing, you’ll want to do your homework.

Take time to consider all the dynamics of your intended service locations. Think about other factors that influence your lifestyle and make a pros and cons list to visualize the different metrics for both business and personal reasons. This will allow you to weigh different components. Plus, it’s a great tool to use as a second set of eyes to help you evaluate your decision.

A bird’s eye view of the US and high growth areas

Professional roofers recognize how climate differences for the various regions of the US affect real estate. This is directly tied to the roofing market and impacts commercial and residential development. Roofing supply businesses and contractors who provide roofing services have different challenges and opportunities as a result. Keep in mind, avoiding certain weather conditions could be detrimental to your success.

Everyone has a different preference—many prefer warmer climates, but living inclinations don’t always necessarily translate to better roofing markets. Some areas are better suited for commercial development, others cater to residential construction and rehab, while some are better left alone. Don’t assume an attractive place will be viable for business.

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Ideal places for roofing businesses may or may not appeal to your personal preferences. Some sacrifice may be necessary—but if you have an entrepreneurial drive, you understand that comfort should come second to your business goals, especially if you’re just getting started! It also pays to do your homework before settling on a location. Consider market saturation and potential competition in any given area before committing. Too many roofing companies can prevent you from having access to the work necessary to turn a profit!

Best markets in the US for roofing companies

Construction businesses of any discipline do best in high growth cities. As people filter into areas to fill jobs, rental properties fill up and new home construction increases. This presents opportunities for roofers with both residential and commercial properties. Below, we’ll look at the top five areas in different regions of the US based on census data from last year.

San Antonio, Texas

Topping the list as the highest growth city (with respect to total population increase) in the US for 2018, San Antonio has much to offer. Large, culturally diverse events are frequent. This keeps people entertained throughout the year and becomes a lifelong staple for permanent residents. Those who wish to live in the city can experience an active lifestyle, while others can enjoy one of the many safe suburbs. The warmer climate combined with economic and social factors makes San Antonio a prime location for the roofing industry.

Los Angeles, California

As one of the most iconic American cities, LA is still experiencing growth and shows no sign of slowing down. The area attracts people from all walks of life, from high-profile individuals to the more modest. With ampoule beach front, wilderness to explore just outside the city limits, and nightlife galore, there is something in the United States’ second largest city for virtually everyone. This is also an area that boasts prime development conditions year-round. LA roofers don’t necessarily have to worry about an off season!

Ankeny City, Iowa

The coasts might have their own charm, but so do parts of Middle America like Ankeny. Relatively speaking, this extension of Des Moines was the fourth fastest growing city in the US during 2018. Many developers are investing in the area because of the proximity to Des Moines, which is booming with various industries. Though small with respect to other big cities, attractions are dense in entertainment areas. Suburbs are low-key, often thick with bike trails and other family-oriented amenities, and they’re rapidly expanding. It’s not a bad location for a residential roofing company looking for Midwest values, and family-friendly accommodations.

Castle Rock Town, Colorado

Still a small city of fewer than 60,000 people, this town just 30 miles outside of Denver has been experiencing substantial growth since 2015. The city is a well-known golfing destination which helps keep property values high, positively affecting some of the great boutiques and shopping outlets dispersed throughout the city’s historic downtown. This area is ideal for roofing professionals looking for a small-town vibe with great potential.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Recently displaced by Fort Worth, TX, as the country’s 15th largest city, Indianapolis has experienced enormous growth over the last decade. Indianapolis is a dynamic city with a lot of diversity. The downtown area and Broad Ripple area are vibrant with nightlife. And just outside the main city are Carmel and Noblesville, which are visibly peaceful communities with great school districts. Indiana is also one of the least expensive places to live and do business in the US, making it a great area to start a roofing company.

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Touch base with industry experts!

You might be in a prime location to start a roofing business without even realizing your advantage. High-growth areas in the US make for optimal locations to start roofing professionally. Every new structure needs a solid roof, and every older one will eventually need maintenance. Considering your lifestyle requirements alongside those of your entrepreneurial intentions will allow you to identify the best location to establish your business.

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