May 11, 2023

What is Roofing Software and How Will It Benefit Your Business?

There’s so much to look for when your roofing company starts to think about investing in a roofing software. There are a number of options on the market, however choosing the one that will ensure your company’s success can be a challenge. Read on to learn more about what roofing software is and how you can use it as a tool for business growth. 

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Kate Robertson

Is your roofing company thinking about investing in roofing software? There's so much to consider. There are a number of options on the market, however choosing the one that will ensure your company’s success can be a challenge. Read on to learn more about what roofing software is and how you can use it as a tool for business growth. 

What is an All-In-One Roofing Software?

Roofing software is a cloud-based business management tool that is used by those in the roofing industry to streamline everyday tasks. It is used by roofing companies, large and small, to better manage customer contacts, roofing estimates, aerial measurement reports, customer proposals, accounting, invoicing, automate ordering, schedule jobs, project management, sales prospecting, and more.

This is more than just roofing CRM software, or a customer relationship management tool. A CRM allows you to store customer contact information, make a record of communication or service requests, manage your job pipeline, and perhaps make note of marketing outreach. However there is so much more to the roofing industry than just keeping up with customers. Your roofing software serves as a complete business organization tool in a box. 

The roofing industry deserves to have its own software. Why? The global roofing industry is only expected to grow over the next decade. Research shows that the global roofing market was valued at $102.4 billion in 2020. That number is expected to grow to $156 billion by 2030. Using software that was built specifically for the needs of those working in the roofing industry indicates professionalism and dedication to offering quality customer care. 

Why Does Roofing Software Benefit Your Business?

If roofing software is new to you, you may be asking why you should bother to make an investment in a software solution when you have so many DIY tools at your disposal. You may be using Word and Excel documents to create invoices and track spending. Perhaps you are keeping job details on loose pieces of paper. And while that may have worked for you in the past, it’s important for a roofing company to plan for business growth.

Implementing roofing software into your business can support your contractors with organizing and simplifying their daily job tasks. This can include ordering materials, performing basic accounting duties, managing work orders, scheduling of subcontractors, developing work blueprints, creating estimates, gathering measurement reports, sending out proposals, general project management, and following up on sales leads. When these daily tasks are automated, contractors have room to focus on the job at hand, increasing productivity and efficiency. This makes it easier to focus on revenue generating activities while keeping costs at a minimum. 

Your roofing software can also be part of building a more pleasant customer service experience. Tasks like job tracking, follow up on customer inquiries, and simple invoice functions can be done quickly with the right roofing software. Customer documents and reports can easily be created and transmitted via email when you use roofing software that tracks materials, repairs, warranties, and permits. 

How Does Roofing Software Benefit Your Customers?

Roofing software not only benefits your business, but it also improves the customer experience. Customer service research shows that 42% of customers would pay more for a friendly, welcoming experience. Furthermore, 65% of customers are more influenced by a positive experience with a company than they are with expensive advertising. This only proves that investing in customer friendly software can only assist you in the growth of your business.

Here is how roofing software can benefit your customers. 

Schedule Appointments with Ease. It’s easy to schedule and manage customer appointments with the right roofing software. Your customers lead busy lives. Showing up to make an estimate at the scheduled time makes a great first impression on your potential customer. Once the job has been secured, proper management of the team schedule makes it easy to inform your customers of when the contractor will arrive. This is all part of a stellar customer service experience. 

Error-Free Estimates and Billing. You want more than just a roof estimates software. When it comes to tasks like taking measurements, performing estimates, and billing clients, errors are bound to happen when using tools that are disconnected. No customer wants to be promised one price at the start of a project only to discover that the actual job cost many times more than what they expected. When all the estimation tools are located in one piece of software, all the job data is in one place. This includes the hours of labor, cost of tools, etc. Using a tool that is cloud based means that contractors can access the software remotely. No one has to rely on memory for critical pieces of information and they can communicate honestly with each customer.

Digital Contracts and Quotes. Your customers demand more than ever before, and want it faster than ever. Roofing software allows you to easily create, customize, and send off digital quotes right to your customers’ email for a quick review and e-signatures. They won’t be sitting around waiting for you to stop by to sign a contract, they’ll appreciate how effortless it is to finalize the deal.

Manage Customer Communication. Efficient customer communication is essential to ensure that your roofing business continues to grow. It’s possible to use roofing software to track and manage communication with each customer and potential customer. You can easily send emails and text messages that make two-way communication with your customer simple and efficient. 

What to Look for in Roofing Software?

Mobile Device Ready. A mobile platform or app for your roofing software ensures that your business information is available on a laptop, smartphone, or other device. No more scribbling details in random notebooks while in the field and waiting to return to the office for data entry. With roofing software, It’s possible to enter the data directly onto the mobile device of choice. Because the app is available on the cloud, it means that the data can be entered with or without internet access. Your roofing software travels with you everywhere you go.

Easily Sync Information Online. Your roofing software may be able to sync to other tools that help you run your business. This may include your accounting software, customer contacts, products and services, payment schedules, types of jobs, and more. The problem with using disconnected tools is that ensuring consistency in information requires added time and energy in data entry. The right roofing software will ensure that all those smaller details sync immediately once connected to the internet.

Automated Workflows. Automation makes it easy to cut out certain repetitive tasks from the workday. This makes it easier for roofers to focus on the job at hand. Automation helps your roofing team to focus on increased productivity and being more efficient. You can use your roofing software to set up workflow automation from estimation to invoicing so everything gets done faster with minimal to no room for human error. You can also send automated emails to customers, create tasks, send appointment reminders, and more. 

Cloud-Based. Software that is based in the cloud can provide a high level of security. Once your customer information and documents are digitized, it can be encrypted, decreasing the risk of being stolen by hackers. Cloud-based roofing software can also be updated quickly, increasing the level of security and decreasing potential interruptions in productivity due to cyberattacks.

Track Progress in Production. Making an investment in roofing software can help you find patterns of inconsistencies in service. For example, if you are having trouble sticking to production timelines, are missing follow-ups in sales calls, or projects are taking longer than originally planned, then you can use software to find these problems before they become overwhelming.

Administrative Support. Roofing software allows your entire team to save time. You can manage work orders so you can see the progression of each project. Rather than have to sift through physical paperwork or files on your computer, you can easily search for projects by location or category of work. You can prioritize what project you can see first by the date you’re working on them. Order roof measurement reports easily and quickly without much effort on your part. 

Accurate Roofing Measurements. Climbing on top of roofs can be dangerous for even the most experienced roofers. Using a software that uses tools to digitally map roofs can help your roofers do their job safely. This means the roofer has no need to climb on top of a roof until the actual work begins. Some roofing software tools will even take pictures and store them in an app that can be referred to when needed. The photos can also be shared with the customer, insurance companies, and subcontractors.

Ready to Grow Your Roofing Business?

Making an investment in roofing software can only help you to become more productive. As customers become more demanding, it only makes sense to have an all-in-one business management tool that can grow with your business. Learn more about how Roofr can become a secret weapon in your roofing business. 

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