How Homemasters Replaced 3 Softwares With 1 by Switching to Roofr CRM

Company Info

👫 Husband and wife owned company

🗓️ Has owned the franchise for 1 year

at Watchman Roofing
Chase Caldwell
Franchise Owner, Homemasters - Bend, OR


Chase Caldwell started his business by purchasing into the Homemasters franchise just over one year ago. As a husband and wife team, Chase and his wife were tackling everything themselves, and wearing a lot of hats. Chase was the sales manger, project manager, production manager - you name it.

I saw what a I saw from other companies and how they were operating - and just thought I would streamline it from the start.

With 20 years in the construction industry, and a strong support network from the other franchises, Chase knew that he need a software right from the start - one that was easy to manage and would help him grow.

The bad news; he was starting from ground zero. The good news; he was starting from ground zero.


“Let’s build it together”

Chase was already using Roofr for roof measurement reports, and loved what he could do with proposals, but what really sealed the deal was the customer service.

The kanban board makes it easy for the sales and production teams to work together, without needing to switch tools. He keeps all of his job information in the job card which lets him keep a clear line of sight on the job from lead to invoice.

At a glance, he can see all of the important customer details, but more importantly he can keep track of proposal drafts, tasks for his team, job status updates - and that makes it easier to quickly know what’s done and what needs to be done.

Bonus: Even though everyone is used to using pen and paper, it's been easy to get the whole team on Roofr. (That’s exactly why we don’t charge for extra seats)


With me moving to Roofr solely - I can focus on 1 app, instead of trying to manage 3 apps. With me moving to Roofr solely - I can focus on 1 app, instead.

While Chase’s business grew, he and his wife were still wearing all the hats. The first thing he needed to solve was getting organized and managing the day to day.

Now that Chase is using one software to manage everything, even with more work, he’s finding it easier to manage than before because everything is organized.

But the unexpected benefit?

Managing his jobs from start to finish has unlocked insights on his workflows. Being able to see step by step progress of a job from start to finish has helped him better understand how his company is performing.

He can see where jobs are getting held up - so he can fix it quickly. He’s able to quickly improve his processes so nothing stays stagnant.


A CRM that is growing with Homemasters. With Roofr, Chase is able to focus his time on winning more jobs, and winning more jobs gives him more insights onto how his business is operating, which makes him more efficient, so he can win more jobs… etc etc etc. You get the picture.


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most loved features

The job dashboard is helping Chase avoid roadblocks. He’s able to see how long a job has been sitting in a stage so he can take action before it’s too late.And the columns view lets him track potential work in his pipeline. He can see the value of the jobs in each stage so he knows what to prioritize.

Job boards is helping keep track and monitor stages where everyone is at, why I lost, potentials - that sort of thing.