Jason Shumway closes 50% of his deals over the phone with Roofr

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at Watchman Roofing
Jason Shumway
Owner & Operator


Reducing the “noise” and focusing on what works.

Like many roofing contractors, Jason Shumway has earned his stripes in the industry with experience at many companies - big and small - in many roles. And as a serial entrepreneur, he’s seen his own roofing business fluctuate anywhere between 10M and 1M, as he grows his other businesses. It’s safe to say he’s seen it all…including every CRM that’s out there.

Now, Jason wanted a way to comfortably run his roofing company in the 2-3M range so he could put it on auto-pilot and focus his energy on other things - new businesses, existing businesses, and his daughters.

He wanted to scale back effort, without losing results.


Now Jason closes 50% of his sales calls over the phone.

Jason is a big fan of the “Keep It Simple, Stupid” method. When he scaled back his team and started taking on more sales calls, he realized how much time he was saving by using Roofr proposals. He has simplified his sales process and now he can measure, quote, and close without having to leave his office.

“I could get them something, but it was chicken scratch on a coffee napkin that probably wouldn’t be legally binding.”

Jason loves that he can turn bids around so fast, but he has found that the ability to get signatures before starting work has made a huge difference. Jason can deliver estimates quickly AND professionally rather than relying on ad-hoc ‘proposals’ to get by. He gets peace of mind that he’s covering his bases legally, while still being able to move quickly.


"In a market with tornados and wind storms, people have an emergency need. I love the ability to turn something around so quickly and get a signature on the fly."

Jason closed a 500K deal within a day using Roofr.

With Roofr Measurements, Jason was able to order a single report for the 20-unit condo community at the flat report rate of $12. The report was returned within 2 hours and using the proposals tool he was able to whip up a professional estimate. The next day he was moving forward the the 1/2 million dollar project.

The Sweet Spot

For Jason, the sweet spot for a roofing business is between $1.8M - $2.2M. In order to work efficiently and be profitable, he aims for the sweet spot.


most loved features

Under 3-hour Delivery Times

A 3-hour GTAT is critical for Jason, and often he finds the measurements are returned in less time than that.

Digital Signatures & Proposals

Jason loves that he can get signatures on the fly. With the digital proposals, he’s able to easily create, send and sign professional estimates that protect his business.

Integrated measurements and Proposals

Having the ability to instantly turn his roof measurements into proposals means Jason can close deals over the phone from wherever he is, preferably the beach.