How Master Craft Roofing 2x Their Business in Their Second Year

Company Info

Master Craft Roofing was built from the ashes of Joseph Andrew's previous company A and B Roofing.

Suddenly, one of the company's owners collected payments from customers for work that hadn't been done yet, locked Joseph and his partner out of everything, and then disappeared. Joseph was left with the aftermath and he was given the choice to salvage the good contracts, start his own business with a headstart, and leave the burned contracts to sort themselves out. Spoiler alert: he didn’t.

"If I'm taking the good, I'm taking the bad. I said, he's, he's like, you'll be out of business in six months. I said, if I go out of business in six months and at least clear my name in the industry, I'm fine. And he's like, suit yourself."

at Watchman Roofing
Joseph Andrews
Founder and CEO, Master Craft Roofing


"Oh, what'd you spend on marketing? 200, 000 - 300, 000? I don't need to do that. It's all organic referrals and word of mouth. And it just trips people out. You could grow something, but if you treat the person, right, it's going to automatically grow."

Build trust and the results will come.

With years of sales experience in various industries…Joseph Andrews has seen some shit. The good, the bad and the sleazy. Armed with that experience, he found success in his roofing career by prioritizing quality of work, relationships with installers - and treating every roof like it was his mother’s roof. When he founded Master Craft Roofing, Joseph needed a software that would properly showcase the brand he had poured (literally) everything into building.

Joseph noticed that in roofing, referrals and word-of-mouth marketing were being influenced by the internet, people’s changing relationships with their neighbours, and their expectations of what the buying experience should be. In a changing market, he knew that prioritizing relationships would always be the answer to growth.

"I was becoming a dinosaur fast. So when we started a Master Craft, it was I didn't want to go down that route.”

Joseph’s approach to building trust was successful. Organic referrals poured in and his company started to grow. Now, he needed a way to leverage that trust in a way that helped his company scale. The problem? According to him, he’s horrible with technology.

Joseph knew he needed software and tried several different online proposal tools but couldn’t get any of them to work for him and he was back to writing proposals by hand. He needed a tool that was easy to use and would take work off his plate, not add more to it.


“And then with the Roofr proposals tool, it was completely blowing people away. They would see our proposal - we put a picture of my family on there with a little story. Yeah. Just the feedback we were getting was amazing. And we started noticing deals closing overnight.”

Software that sold their strengths

Master Craft Roofing had done the hard work to build a business model that worked - now they needed technology that helped them scale.

With the proposals tool, Master Craft was able to leverage their industry expertise and create a sales experience that matched their brand reputation. Now, their exceptional customer experience was creating repeatable success.

With Roofr, the ease of use made all the difference. Since Joseph now could effectively manage and edit his proposals, he saw an immediate impact to his business. A big impact.


Now Master Craft Roofing is a CRM power user after being a part of the beta program that helped shape the CRM’s development. Through feedback and testing, Master Craft helped Roofr craft the tools that they, and other roofing businesses, actually needed to succeed.

With Roofr CRM Master Craft doubled their production.

“We just kept growing and growing and growing. Last year you with you guys, it pretty much doubled our production from the year before and we didn't really do anything different except go with the with the proposal tool. And it was easy for me to use."


most loved features

Performance Dashboard

With a large team, Joseph loves how he can track the performance of each rep and stay on top of insights for the whole company.

Instant Digital Proposals

Now that he’s mastered proposal templates, a proposal can be created and sent instantly from a measurement report. “We get constant compliments and customer reviews on how fast we send proposals and how easy it is for clients to sign.”

CompanyCam Integration

I love how CompanyCam integrates - it makes it easy to ensure everything on the project is in writing and signed.