Saving 10 Hours a Month with Roofr’s Automations

Company Info
at Watchman Roofing
Matthew Watson
General Manager at Watchman Roofing


Too many tools.

Not enough visibility. As a small team running every aspect of the business, the team at Watchman wears a lot of hats. For Matthew, as the General Manager, that also meant using a lot of different software and tools on a daily basis just to complete a job. The Office team would capture the new lead details and pass them off to the Sales team, who would complete the sale and pass it back to Production....if they remembered. And on top of that, the Sales and Production were using two different CRM's to track their work.

It kept the lights on but wasn’t anything like having all my details right there.

Staying on the same page was nearly impossible.

Staying on the same page was nearly impossible.This was a problem for Matthew because he didn't have visibility on all aspects of the job. He wasted lots of time chasing down information, and as the GM, he has bigger things to worry about.

Matthew needed a place where he could keep track of the job from start to finish, and stay up to date on the details while it moved through the stages before landing back on his desk.


Roofr was a no-brainer.

Matthew's team was already using Roofr for measurements, and when he learned how easy the proposals were to use, it became a no-brainer to move everything into Roofr. Now, Matthew can manage everything from one place.

The kanban board makes it easy for the sales and production teams to work together, without needing to switch tools. He keeps all of his job information in the job card which lets him keep a clear line of sight on the job from lead to invoice.

At a glance, he can see all of the important customer details, but more importantly he can keep track of proposal drafts, tasks for his team, job status updates - and that makes it easier to quickly know what’s done and what needs to be done.

Bonus: Even though everyone is used to using pen and paper, it's been easy to get the whole team on Roofr. (That’s exactly why we don’t charge for extra seats).


It probably saves me a good 30 minutes a day. Amazing. Just in typing stuff out and moving things. Like on our old CRM it was a lot to move around and then I gotta sort through the folder and stuff like that.

Matt saves 10 hours a month just by automating small tasks

“It's definitely helps us keep things organized, streamlines our process, allows everybody to see where jobs are at so that we can work more efficiently and execute our own personal tasks.”


The biggest impact that Matthew has seen has been the ability to go from 4 softwares down to 1 for his sales to production workflow. He saves time switching platforms and his team has the visibility they need to work for efficiently. (Plus, he's anxiously awaiting the invoicing and calendar features coming soon.

most loved features

Automated tasks have been a huge benefit Matthew uses automations to create task lists so nothing slips through the cracks. This helps him stay on track once the signed proposal gets handed over from sales to production.

“I've got it set up to where I've got automated tasks assigned; create a work order, create a material order, call the customer, things like that. So as soon as sales moves it over, I've got tasks to complete and I know where the jobs are at.”