How to Add Multiple Signatures on a Proposal

Learn how to add multiple signatures or initials to text sections in a proposal.

Last updated
September 25, 2023

How to Add Multiple Signatures on a Proposal

What it does: Allows you to request multiple signatures, initials and co-signatures in a proposal for your customers to e-sign.

Purpose: Allows you to get a signature and/or initials for terms & conditions, or other requirements that your customer needs to sign off on.

Prerequisites:*  None, but you will only be able to access this feature in the Proposal editor.

Available On: Premium & Enterprise Plans

Adding Multiple Signatures to Your Proposal

Step One: If you’re creating a new proposal, click “New Proposal” and follow the necessary steps. If you’d like to add in-line signature to a drafted proposal search and select it.

Note: Every proposal will automatically include an e-signature request at the bottom of the estimate section for customers to sign off on the full proposal. In-line signatures are to get additional signatures or initials for other requirements or inclusions (payment schedules, terms and conditions, etc).

Step Two: Edit and finalize your proposal inclusions (materials, labor, markup/margin, cover image/layout, PDFs, images, customer information, etc).

Step Three: Click the “+” button on the left side navigation in the proposal editor, and then select “Text”.

Step Four: Name your new section, and add your text into the text field (your terms & conditions, for example).

Step Five: Click the “signature” button on right hand side of your text box, and select the type of signature(s) you would like to request (customer signature, co-signer signature, customer initials, co-signer initials, etc). Once added, you’ll see a placeholder in your text field that includes the signature request.

Note: To delete the signature/initial request, click the “x” button in the signature placeholder included in the text box.

Step Six: Once your proposal is finalized, click the “Preview and send” button (or “Preview” if you’re working on mobile) in the top right corner.

Step Seven: Review your proposal for completeness, and ensure all the signatures are included in all the correct text sections of your proposal.

Step Eight: Select the “Send to customer” button in the top right, and compose your email in the email editor.

Step Nine: Once your proposal is ready to be sent click the “Send proposal” button to email it to your customer(s).

Note: Once you send the proposal, your customer(s) will get an email with a link to review and sign the proposal.

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