Company Culture & Employee Retention for Roofers

Watch an informative and inspirational Masterclass, all about how you can build a company people love to work at.

Pete and Nic are joined by Jennifer Paxton, Sr Director of People and Talent at Roofr.

They explore the ins and outs of cultivating company culture and devising a winning employee retention strategy. And what's particularly relatable about this entire chat is that they're drawing examples from the unique context of the roofing industry, which brings a tangible real-world dimension to the conversation.

Discover the complex layers that influence employee happiness, like securing a fair wage, the importance of job security, and how pivotal acknowledgment and recognition are for employee satisfaction. Understand how all of these shape the bedrock of company culture and the cascading effects it has on employee motivation and productivity. But we don't stop at just employee happiness.

Learn how valuable employee retention is to you as a business owner. Employee retention improves customer experiences, spikes productivity, and even scales up the company revenue.

This Masterclass deep dives into the nitty-gritty of managing employees, shaping company culture, boosting retention, and ultimately growing the business in the roofing industry.

Published on
February 14, 2024
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