May 8, 2024

How to Cut Business Expenses with Roofing Software

Software is an expense — yes. But using software can actually save you money. How? Find out!

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When you think about adding software to your business, you may think of it as another expense, both in money and time. It isn’t easy to know: 

  1. If it’s worth it, and 
  2. If it will actually make a difference to your business

If you add software to your business that is hard to use, challenging to learn, or if your team won’t actually use it, it can end up costing you more money and time than it’s worth. 

This is why the software you choose is so important. Choosing the right software for your business can not only save you money, but lower your stress, give you time back in your day, and make it easier to grow.

In this blog, we’re exploring a few things around software and its worth, including:

  • What software actually costs
  • 5 ways software can actually save your money
  • How software can save you time (which is also money)

We’ll cap everything off with a little bit about why Roofr is unique, too. Let’s get started! 

How much does roofing software actually cost?

Again, this is not a straightforward question with a straightforward answer. First, different software is priced differently. You can choose a single tool, like an email tool, for less than a CRM could cost you. And the same type of tool can differ in price as well. Some companies charge monthly or annually, and some charge based on the number of people who will use the software. So, it all kind of depends.

This is why shopping around is important when picking roofing software. And it’s important to think about what types of tools you actually need. 

Are you looking for a payment processor for online payments?

An invoice tool?

Do you need digital measurements?

How about material ordering?

What about homeowner communication?

The actual final number for how much a roofing software will cost you can depends on:

  • What tool you go with
  • How many people need to use it
  • How you pay for it (annual subscriptions can be lower)

With Roofr, we offer a few different types of subscriptions all with different pricing.

We have a free account option, a Pro account for $89/month, and Premium for $149/month. Subscriptions include unlimited seats. The Elite plan pricing includes the Instant Estimator tool, and you’ll have to book a call with our team to get pricing for that. You can learn more about Roofr pricing here

5 ways roofing software can save you money (and earn you more!)

Before we dive into this, it’s important to note that “roofing software” includes a wide variety of tools. When we say “roofing software” we’re including:

  • Satellite measurements
  • Digital proposals
  • CRM
  • Digital payments and invoicing tools
  • Homeowner communications
  • Lead capturing tools
  • Performance tracking and reporting tools

It’s an umbrella term for what you need to run your roofing business. 

Here are just 5 ways that software can actually save you money, earn more money, and lower expenses in your roofing company.

1. Spend less on gas

Think about how much driving you do as a roofer. You go to and from a homeowners house for measurements, to drop off proposals, to pick up checks, to do a follow up. With roofing software like satellite measurements, online proposals, digital payments, and homeowner communication, you can cut driving time down a lot. 

Gas is getting more and more expensive so, think about how much money this will save you if your entire team has to drive less. 

2. Reduce subscription fees

You may look at a full roofing software as a large monthly or annual expense for your business. But when you break down how much you’re paying for other subscriptions, it can actually end up saving you money in the long run. 

If you aren’t currently using software, you’re probably still spending more than you think. Even Microsoft Excel or Google have a business cost for subscription, storage, etc.

Other tools you could be subscribing to include:

  • Email marketing tools
  • Lead generation tools
  • Reporting dashboards or data collection
  • Satellite measurements
  • Calendar tools
  • Payment processing 
  • Invoice creation
  • Digital signing and e-document storage

Some tools charge per-seat too — or a cost per person who uses the tools — so moving to a software that doesn’t charge per person can save you money right away. 

$150 a month – or $1800 a year — might sound like a lot to you, but if you add up all the tools you’re currently using, it could be way more than that already. 

3. Performance tracking for more efficient marketing spend

Many roofing software tools will give you insight into the performance of your ads or lead generation efforts. Being able to gather and track data on performance helps you identify what is working and what isn’t for bringing in business. 

Once you know what is actually driving leads, you can be more purposeful with what you spend your advertising dollars on. 

For example: if your Facebook ads with the Instant Estimator convert to leads 60% of the time, but door hangers only converts 15% of the time, then you may want to shift where you’re spending some of your money to run more Facebook ads.

Being more efficient in your spend reduces wasted budget, and gives you way more ROI (return on investment) — AKA bigger bang for your buck! 

4. Improved speed to lead to win more jobs

A great software that you enjoy using and that’s easy to learn can help you improve your speed to lead. How? It reduces the likelihood of leads slipping through cracks or being forgotten about in the hustle and bustle of everyday business management. 

If you can get notified everytime someone fills out your Instant Estimator, for example, you can quickly review customer info and reach out. Or, better yet, set up an automated email that will send to any new lead!

Speed to lead wins you deals. Software can help. 

5. Standing out from the competition to win more jobs

Another way that software can save you money is by making your company stand out from the competition. A beautiful digital proposal, unique satellite-measurement, and quickly responding to inquiries makes sure you don’t get lost amongst all the other quotes homeowners will get. 

The more jobs you win for your efforts, the less wasted budget you’ll experience. Plus, standing out from the crowd is how you win more jobs! Software can help you shine. 

Time is money: Saving time with software

Cutting expenses isn’t just about money in the bank. Software can help you work faster, more efficiently, and to cut time-consuming tasks down. Giving you more time back in your day is a HUGE win, and helps your money go further. 

As a bonus, here are some ways that software can save you time:

  • Automations reduce the need for repetitive tasks like sending follow up emails or reminders to homeowners.
  • Spend less time on the road driving to do measurements, drop off proposals, pick up checks, etc.
  • One centralized database keeps customer information organized so you can stop searching through folders or online files for info.
  • Digital payments get you paid faster, directly into your account. 
  • Running your business in one tool means less manual data entry, double checking information, logging in and out of different tools, and managing multiple tools.

What makes Roofr different

Roofr is a unique software because it was built specifically for roofers, by roofers. That’s right — our CEO was a roofer before building this software. Our CRM was built to be one platform that roofers can run their entire business from. Check out his Roofr Report podcast episode for the full story.

From lead capturing and satellite measurements to digital proposals, invoicing, only payments, all the way to homeowner communication and material ordering: You do it all in one tool. 

If you’re curious how Roofr can work with your business, book a call with our team. We’d love to learn more about your business and see how we can help. 

Cut business expenses with software

Too many small business owners think that software is only for the “big guys”. In truth, software is an incredible way to keep your business organized, save you time, and to both reduce your expenses and earn you more money — no matter your business size.

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