How to Create Email Automations

Automatically send emails when jobs change status via the Automations tab.

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December 21, 2023

What it does: Users can send emails when jobs change status via the Automations tab.

Purpose: Users can now send timely emails to customers when jobs change status, under Automations. This allows users to automate their admin tasks, leading to improved lead nurturing and an increased in efficiency.

Available On: Pro, Premium, and Elite.

How to create email automations

Step 1: Head to the Automations tab, and click “Create Custom”.

Step 2: Select If “Job Stage changes to”, and choose the job stage you’d like trigger emails on.

Step 3: Next, select Then “send email”

  1. You’ll be prompted to choose an email template.
  2. You may preview the email, or edit the template by choosing Manage.

Step 4: You’ll be asked if you want the automation to happen every time, or only once per job.

  1. Every time means that for every time the job enters the selected stage, a new email is sent. Using the above setup as an example, if we move a New Lead into Appointment Scheduled the system will send an email. If the job progresses beyond Appointment Scheduled, but we realize we need to move the job back into Appointment Scheduled, another email will be sent.
  2. Only once per job means the system will remember what stages a job has moved through, and will only send 1 email per job, regardless of how many times we move that job back into Appointment Scheduled.

Step 5: Last step is to hit save automation!

Pro Tip: Try testing it out by adding yourself as a customer to a job, and moving it between stages!

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