How to Send Emails from within a Job

Send emails to homeowners from directly within a job record.

Last updated
December 21, 2023

What it does: Users can send emails from within the job, allowing them to perform any communications tasks without needing to leave the job.

Purpose: In its present form, emails sent must be associated to a contact/customer in Roofr, which is done through the job. This helps us to build a robust historical job activity log, while also ensuring emails and links are sent to the right customers.

Available On: Pro, Premium, and Elite.

Sending an email from within the job

Step 1: Open a job under the Jobs tab, and on the right-hand side pane, you’ll see the option to create an email.

Step 2: Choose between an email template, or a blank email. If choosing ‘template’, you’ll have access to all email templates you’ve made under Email & SMS.

Note: Proposal templates can only be used if the job has a proposal attached, and has a status of either Sent or Signed (Won).

Step 3: Whether you choose a template or a blank email, you may customize the email body, subject line, and button links.

Step 4: Add an email address if no customer record is associated to the job, or choose from a list of your customers when clicking the email address field.

Step 5: Once you’re happy with your email, hit send! You’ll immediately see a record of the email in the history log, which includes the sender, recipient, email preview, and date it was sent.

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