How to Show & Hide Line Items on a Proposal

Learn how to show or hide line items on a proposal before sending it to your customer.

Last updated
September 25, 2023

What it does: Hides line items from the completed/sent proposal.

Purpose: Allows line items to be used as part of the estimate calculation without being displayed in the proposal that is presented to customers.

Prerequisites:*  None, but a proposal template is recommended

Available On: Pro, Premium & Elite Plans

Here’s how it works:

Step One: First log onto your Roofr dashboard and click the “Proposals” button on the left side navigation.

Step Two: Now, if you’d like to edit line items on an existing proposal then search and select it. If you’d like to manage line items on a new proposal click the “New Proposal” button.

Step Three: In your proposal that you want to edit, click “edit option”

Step Four If you don’t have any line items added to your proposal yet, click the “Add Item” button and select an item listed that you have already added to your catalog, or by typing in the new item’s name and clicking “Add new item”.

Note: On the far right side of each line item, you’ll notice an “eye” icon. These represent if the line item will be shown or hidden on the final proposal sent.

Step Five: Click the “eye” icon on the far right side of each line item to show/hide the line item. If the eye has a cross through it, it means that the line item will not be shown on the final proposal.

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