May 23, 2024

Everything You Need to Know About Roofing Quote Software

Interested in roofing quote software? Learn what to look for when shopping around, and how digital quotes can help your business.

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When homeowners first reach out to you, they’re doing a few things.

  1. They’re deciding if they trust you and your work enough to let you be the one to replace their roof.
  2. They want to know how much it’ll cost them.

Luckily there’s a way you can both convey a sense of trustworthiness, high quality craftsmanship, and give them a price all with one tool: A digital or online roofing quote with roofing quote software.

What is roofing quote software?

Roofing quote software is a tool that enables you to build digital quotes for your homeowners online. The purpose of these tools is to eliminate the need to print off or hand deliver quotes.

Why do digital quotes matter?

If you were getting a quote on a home project that would cost you thousands of dollars, which one of these quotes would impress you more?

The reason that digital quotes matter is because they set the bar for the kind of quality that homeowners can expect from you. Yes, they provide a homeowner with a quote, but in truth, they help to build trust between you and homeowners.

Some other benefits aside of digital or online roofing quotes, aside from building trust with homeowners, are:

  • Easier to keep track of customer details
  • Lower risk of losing paperwork
  • Connection between signed proposals and invoicing
  • Homeowners can sign online without you needing to visit them in person

What to look for in an online quoting software

When you’re shopping for quote software, there’s a few things to keep in mind…

Customer support

Whatever software you choose, you will have questions. Maybe not right away, but at some point you’ll want to talk to someone from their company.

Before investing in any software, be sure to look at what support they offer.

We always recommend asking sales teams for contact information for current customers. That way, you can speak to someone already using their tool and see what they have to say.


Any software you use should be easy to use. At the end of the day, when you need to quickly craft up a new proposal and send a quote to a homeowner, software should make it easier than doing it all by hand.


It’s easy to get trapped in what you need right now without thinking about what will work for your business as it grows. You want to avoid needing to change your software every 6 months or year.

When demoing software, be sure to think about if the tool will still fit if you grow or expand your business and team.


Make sure new software can work well with your existing tools for running your business, like roof measurements or roof estimation software.

There is software out there that does it all: roofing quotes, lead capturing, measurements, invoicing, payments, job tracking, material ordering, and more.  If you're looking for new quote software, consider if it's time to invest in a new software for your whole business.

If you haven’t ever done a tech review before, we have a guide and free template that can help you out HERE.

Examples of roofing quote software

Here are some of the top roofing quote software providers out there.


Roofr is a software that does roofing quotes — or proposals (which is just another term for quotes) — among many things. If you're looking for an accurate measurement software built for roofing contractors, then Roofr is for you.

Roofr is a cloud-based CRM that does aerial measurements, quotes (or proposals), invoicing, payments, job board, material ordering, and more.

What makes Roofr so unique is that it was built specifically for roofers. Quotes are directly linked to measurements, which connect to invoicing, reporting, contracts, material ordering, and more. The one-software approach drastically streamlines your workflows, saving you time and money spent on those repetitive tasks.


Roofr has a free, Pro, Premium, and Elite tier subscriptions. Price for a paid subscription starts at $89 USD / month for unlimited seats. You can learn more about Roofr pricing here, or book a call with a sales team member to see the software in action.


ServiceTitan is a tool built for the trades, including roofing professionals. Contractors can use their software to craft agreements, report on sales, book calls, and manage their finances.


ServiceTitan has three tiers: Starter, Essentials, and The Works. Prices are hidden on their website, so you need to reach out to get those numbers.


Jobber, like ServiceTitan, is built for contractors and service providers. Quotes can be built and connected to their calendar so your team can view upcoming projects and their connected quotes. Invoicing and payments can be made and collected in Jobber as well.


Jobber has three tiers available: Grow, Connect, and Core. Their pricing starts at $42/ month, which jumps up to $69/month after three months. That Core price only includes one user. Additional users are $29.


RoofSnap’s core features are measurements and estimates. They offer integrations for contract creation and other requirements to run a business.


Their pay-as-you-go tier offers measurements at $13 per order. A monthly subscription is $105 / month per user/ Annual subscriptions are a bit lower, and the pricing jumps around a little depending on how many users you need. It doesn’t specifically say if contracts are included in those prices since their product is more focused on measurements.

Roofing quoting software to help your business thrive

The right roofing software can save you time, help you earn more money, win jobs, and improve your sales process. Using an online quoting tool helps you stand out from the competition and build trust with homeowners — ultimately winning you more roofing projects.

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