May 14, 2024

Upgrades and Add-Ons: Using Them To Boost Profits

Do you offer upgrades or add-ons to your customers? Get all the info you need on why upgrades are great, and how you can offer them to homeowners.

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When a homeowner comes to you for a new roof, they may not know about other services or options that you can provide them. That’s where add-ons and upgrades in your proposals come into play. 

In this article, we’re exploring:

  • What upgrades are
  • Examples of upgrades
  • Why you should include them in your proposals
  • Software that makes it easy to offer upgrades to homeowners

What are upgrades?

Upgrades are add-ons that you as a roofer can offer to homeowners. Upgrades are completely optional and do not include changes to shingle type, color, etc. Usually, those are options that homeowners will choose when picking their roof. They are also different from the good-better-best options you probably give to homeowners as a proposal. 

Roofing upgrades vs good-better-best

One of the most common proposal pitches to homeowners is the good-better-best option. These options usually revolve around quality or type of roofing, with three price points — lower, middle-range, and high. 

Upgrades are not these good-better-best options. They are extra services, features, upgrades, add-ons, or features that homeowners can choose. Or, they can completely forgo them altogether. Upgrades don’t make a difference to the base roofing job that you are doing for them. 

Example of upgrades roofers can offer homeowners

There are so many different options that you could offer to homeowners. What you'll offer depends on what your business is capable of, what you have the capacity to take on, and the skill set of your team. You never want to offer upgrades to homeowners that you can’t do — or can’t do well.

Think of upgrades as the sprinkles on top of a sundae— the sundae of your customer's roof.

Some examples of popular roofing add-ons are:

  • Aluminum
  • Premium energy-efficient shingles
  • Installing eaves flashings
  • Soffits or fascia work
  • Specific vents like ridge, solar, or gable vents
  • Extended warranty
  • A different type or higher quality drip edge
  • Siding work
  • Windows
  • Premium underlayment
  • Skylights or sun tunnels

Proactively putting optional upgrades on proposals

It’s important to remember that homeowners only get new roofs every 25-ish years. It’s unlikely that they know all the options out there. It’s even more unlikely that they’ll proactively ask for it.

So, when you send them a proposal, make sure that you automatically list optional upgrades in a clear space where it’ll stand out to homeowners. You can include a section in your proposal that outlines more details about these optional upgrades, and then walk homeowners through them when you’re finalizing the jobs with homeowners. 

Here's an example of what an upgrade can look like in a digital roof quote.

Roofing proposal with optional upgrade

3 key benefits to offering upgrades and add-ons

1. Upgrades help you earn more money

Upgrades and add-ons are another way for you to show homeowners just how much value you can really bring them, and the types of jobs you can do. They may have never thought about adding a skylight, but since they’re getting a roof and you’re able to do it, they might add one on. 

Again, homeowners don't shop for roofs every day. If you don't tell them what is available for them, they may not know. Education is a great way to increase your deal size and boost your revenue.

2. Improved customer experience for homeowners

We know that homeowners are much more digitally inclined now, so this type of customer experience will blow them away. Add-ons go hand-in-hand with digital proposals: Another tech-first approach to roofing that will wow homeowners. 

With digital proposals, homeowners can tick off their add-ons themselves without needing to book follow-up calls or wait for back-and-forth emails.

Digital proposals have a whole other set of benefits — which you can read about here. 

3. Improved flexibility for homeowners — and you!

The ability to add upgrades is just one of the benefits of customizable quotes. 

Online proposals let you shift the order or highlight specific upgrades depending on what you think homeowners are more interested in. Homeowners can pick specific upgrades 100% depending on what works for them. 

They can also add as many or as little as they want!

Roofr: Roofing software that makes upgrades easy

A sub-feature of our proposal tool, you add as many upgrades — and whatever kind of upgrade — you want to your proposals. Homeowners can easily choose to add them or not, but gives you way more opportunity to do bigger jobs and earn more money. 

Because they go right along with our digital proposal tool, you’ll not only know when the proposal is signed, but when and how often a homeowner opens it before signing. 

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