How to Create a Proposal With a Measurement Report

Learn how to create a proposal using a measurement report for auto-populated item quantities.

Last updated
April 18, 2023

What it does: Automatically calculates quantities and costs for each line item in your proposal based on a measurement report.

Purpose: Allows you to create proposals quickly with accurate quantities. 

  • Takes less time than creating a proposal from scratch
  • Includes more accurate quantities 
  • Allows you to easily add / remove items from the proposal


*Requirements to create a proposal from a measurement report.

Available On: Free, Pro, Premium & Elite Plans

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Log onto your Roofr dashboard and click the “Proposals” button on the left side navigation.

Step 2: If this is your first proposal click the “Create proposal” button. If you have already created a proposal click the “New proposal” button.

Step 3: You’ll be greeted by a modal listing out your recent Measurement reports. Select the address of the report you’d like to build a proposal for. Once selected, click “Use this measurement”

Untitled.png (405×512)

Step 4: Next, select the template (if any) that you would like to use with this proposal

Note: You can click the “expand” button to view report deils and ensure you’re selecting the correct measurement report. 

Step 5: Once a report is selected click the “Use this measurement” button to import your measurement data from the report.

Step 6: Next, review and finalize the line item data that has been pre-populated, like unit cost, quantity, and tax, and then add in the applicable waste factor for each item.

Note: If you want to add more items to this proposal click the “Add item” button and select the item(s) pre-populated from your pricelist. You will also need to enter the new entered item(s) quantity, and waste.

Step 7: Next, select your margin. This is how much you would like to earn for the job. This can be anywhere from 0-100%. To include individual margins, click the link icon on the item and update.

Step 8: Based on your template, the “Show pricing on proposals” toggle button may be turned on. If you don’t want to include this information, click the toggle button to turn off and vice versa.

Step 9: Once you’re done, click the “Review and sendbutton. 

To learn how to send a proposal, click here.

Calculating Margin

To calculate the margin, take the subtotal price and remove the unit costs. Then, take that number and divide by the subtotal price again to get your margin. Here’s how to calculate your margin based on your desired profit: 

Unit Cost: $1,500

Desired Profit: $750

Desired Total Revenue: Unit Cost ($1,500) + Desired Profit ($750) = $2,250

Desired Profit ($750) / Desired Total Revenue ($2,250) = 0.333 

0.3333 * 100 = 33.3%

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