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How to Add and Remove Team Members on Roofr

Learn how to quickly invite and add your team members to one shared workspace.

Last updated
April 18, 2023

What it does: Allows you to add your team members to one shared workspace.

Purpose: Have all your information shared in one workspace.

  • All team members have access to Roofr Reports, Proposals, and more.
  • Never order a duplicate report again
  • Keep your team always in the know
  • Use team owner’s payment method to order reports and purchase DIY imagery

Prerequisites:  None.

Available On: Free, Pro, Premium & Elite Plans

Here’s how to add a team member:

Step 1: Invite Teammates to your Workspace

Once logged into Roofr, go to Settings in the bottom left.

Across the top, find and click on the Team tab. You’ll be taken to a screen that displays your current team members.

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In the "Enter Teammate's Email" text field, enter the email of a team member you want to invite to join your workspace.

Note: If this team member already has a Roofr account, be sure to use that email when sending the invite. All of their previous information will be saved, and separated into another "workspace" they can access at anytime.

Once their email is entered, you can also assign their role as either “Member” or “Manager” in the dropdown to the right.

After entering the email and selecting their role, click "Send Invite".

Your team member should receive an email with a link to join, once they click on the link they will be taken to log into their Roofr account. They will now have access to your workspace.

Note: If your team member does not have a Roofr account, they will be taken to the "Register" page first. Here they will just need to add their name, number etc.

Repeat these steps, adding as many team members as you'd like to your account.*

*Our Free plan includes 3 seats (team members), our Pro plan includes 5 seats, and our Premium and Elite plans include unlimited seats.

Step 2: Team Ownership Role

The person who created the workspace first and begins adding teammates will be the Owner by default. This role cannot be reassigned.

Here’s how to remove a team member:

Step One: Log into your Roofr account, then click "Company" and then click "Team".

Step Two: Find the team member you want to remove, click the "Remove" button next to their name.

Step Three: Click "Yes, remove" to confirm.

Step Four: Once removed, this team member will no longer have access to this workspace. If they already had a Roofr account before joining your team, they will still have access to that account (Roofr Reports, Proposals, etc).


Team Owner:

  • Can edit team profile, manage payment method, view and manage subscription, invite team members, etc.
  • Can view and edit all measurement reports
  • Can view and edit all proposals
  • Can create and edit catalog items
  • Can create and edit templates

Team Manager:

  • View and edit records for all jobs and job-related records
  • View Subscription page
  • View and edit company profile
  • View, add, and/or remove integrations
  • View team page and manage roles and members
  • View all team purchases (eg. reports ordered)
  • Create and proposal templates and catalog items

Team Member:

  • Can edit user profile
  • Can view team profile
  • Cannot view or manage subscription
  • Cannot send team invites (but can see team list)
  • Cannot manage payment method
  • Can use team owner’s payment method to order reports and purchase DIY imagery
  • Can only view reports they are assigned
  • Can only view proposals they are assigned
  • Can create, edit, and send proposals they are assigned
  • Can view templates but not edit or create
  • Can view catalog but not edit or create

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