Your Guide to Stage Customizations

A guide to the customizing job stages for your job board.

Last updated
May 29, 2024

Keep your job board clean with job stage customizations. Stage customizations allow you to track your unique work, and give you better control over the actions needed to move a job through the workflow. This is a great way to ensure SOPs are being followed, homeowners get the best possible customer experience and of course - make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

What’s New: Editing Job Stages

✅ Rename any stage within Roofr

✅ Re-order stages within a workflow

✅ Enable and disable stages

🔒 Create new stages to supplement Roofr’s default stages

Job Board Set Up

The stages in your job board reflect your job workflow and all the steps you take to move a job from a new lead all the way to final payment. The goal of your job board is to not only manage your day-to-day but also improve the way you work.


Renaming the job stage allows you to adjust the language to fit your existing terminology better, or can be used to change the purpose of the stage completely.

When you rename a stage, the jobs associated with that stage remain and automatically reflect the “new stage”.

💡 Note: Any automation triggered by the job stage will also reflect the new name and will continue to run.


Re-ordering stages in the workflow make it easier to adapt one workflow to multiple use cases. Some companies prefer to use the job board for detailed sales pipelines, adjust the workflow to reflect team handoff, or include other sub-trades like siding and gutters.

💡 Best Practices: How a job moves through the workflow stages impacts the reporting insights. When customizing the job board it’s important to keep in mind how that will be reflected on the performance dashboards.

Enable and disable

This gives you the flexibility to keep your job board clean and efficient. Now you can choose only the stages you need to keep your workflow running smoothly.

⚠️ Disabling a stage hides it from your job board. Any jobs associated with that stage will also be hidden on the board and are only accessible in the list view. Before you disable stages, remember to reassign jobs to an active stage on your job board.

A note on automations….

Automating your workflow ensures your jobs run smoothly, your teams work together more efficiently, and you get the peace of mind that nothing slips through the cracks. Customizing your job stages is the next step in streamlining your work and we think these updates will supercharge your efficiency. If you’re already using automation there are a few things to keep in mind…

Automation Templates

We don’t think this is a deal breaker, but we’ve had to make some adjustments to automation templates. Because stages are customizable, templates are only available for locked stages New Lead, Job Completed, Lost, and Unqualified. The good news…you can still create automations from scratch using your shiny new job stages!

Disabled Stages

This shouldn’t come as a shock, but when a stage is disabled or deleted, the automation will cease to function. We won’t disable the automation, but because the stage is not active, the automation simply won’t run. When this occurs, we’ll display a warning message in the automation list view. Again, nothing earth shattering but when you’re disabling stages also remember to check your automations!

Powering your CRM with even more customizations

The job board is your command center. It’s the source of truth for you and your team to stay on the same page and get the full picture of your operations. For businesses that need even more customization the Elite plan offers additional options - like adding new job stages and creating multiple workflows - so you can manage more, in one platform….

✅ Rename & reorder PLUS create new stages from scratch

✅ Create up to 3 unique workflows

✅ Manage workflows in one global view

The new stage customization and multiple workflows unlock even more potential for your CRM. Managing all your work in one place gives you visibility into your business operations so you can streamline your work and make more impactful decisions. To learn more, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact us at [email protected].‍

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