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How to Create and Edit Your Invoices

Learn how to create an invoice in the Roofr platform to properly bill your customers.

Last updated
April 23, 2024

What it does: Create a library of all of your “invoices” created on Roofr.

Purpose: Streamline your job workflows by allowing you to create invoices within the same system that you are creating reports, proposals, and managing your jobs.

  • Allows you to pull items from your catalog
  • Allows you to easily add/remove items from the invoice
  • Email your customers with a link to view and review their invoices
  • Track all invoices and their statuses in one location

Available On: Pro, Premium & Elite Plans

Viewing the Header of Your Invoice

Step one: Select the Job that you are going to be creating an invoice for.

Note: This can be done from either the Job list view, or if you are using our CRM, from the Job board

Step two: At the top of the job page, you will see a section called Invoices. To create an invoice click “Create Invoice”. Alternatively you can always scroll to the portion of the job page called "Invoices".

Note: You will need to have a customer assigned to this job in order to create an invoice.

Step three: After you click “Create Invoice” we will open up the invoice page.

Note: To go back to the job, click “Save and Close”

Step four: At the top of your invoice, you will see your invoice header which includes:

  1. Your logo
  2. The invoice number
  3. Invoice Status
  4. Amount Due
  5. Due Date
  6. And all of your company details

Note: You can edit your company details by clicking the “edit company details link”

Step five: To add a due date, click on “Add Due Date”. This will open up a calendar where you can select the date you would like to receive payment from your customer.

Note: If you select a date in the past, you will notice that the invoice status will automatically update to “Past Due”.

Editing Your Invoice Customers

Below your invoice header, you will see your customer details.

Step one: Job Customer is tied directly to the job record. If you would like to edit your job customer, you will click “edit” and edit your job customer directly from the job page. This is to ensure that the job customer is consistent between your Invoice and your Job

Note: If you have a different billing than the job customer, click on the toggle “same as job customer”. This will allow you to click “edit” on the billing customer and open up the select customer modal. From here, you will be able to search for an existing customer record or add a new one.

Adding and Editing Items on an Invoice

Step one: To add an item to an invoice, click on “Add Item”.

Step two: After clicking on “Add Item”, you will see a table where you can search for an item within your catalog.

Step three: While you are adding items to the invoice, you will be able to customize the unit cost, quantity, margin, and tax amount and the line item total will automatically calculated. Add as many items as you would like to the invoice and then click save.

Step four: You can continue to editing and adding items to the invoice by clicking on “Edit Items”.

Editing the Columns of Your Invoice

Step one: You can customize the details that you would like to show to your customers by clicking on “Edit Columns”.

Step two: This will open up the Columns Settings Modal. If desired, use the toggle on and off button to show or hide specific columns like line item totals, quantity, and unit prices.

Step three: After clicking "done" and clicking "save" on the items table, you will see it update to reflect your settings and see a preview of what your customers are going to see when you send them the invoice.

How to Update Your Invoice Notes

Step one: Your invoice notes will be pre-filled based off of your invoice settings. You can always customize these fields by clicking into either the Invoice Memo or Invoice Footer and entering your custom text.

Note: This will only update the notes for this specific invoice.

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