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How to Record Your Payments

Learn how you and your team members can record and track payments within one system.

Last updated
October 25, 2023

What it does: Allows you and your team members record and track payments within one system.

Purpose: Easily track whether or not you have received payment for a given invoice

  • Create payments and apply them to invoices within Roofr
  • Impact the balance of your invoices
  • Update invoice statuses to easily follow up with customers and team members to get paid on time.

Available On: Pro, Premium, & Elite Plan

Note: This feature is in beta, to sign up or learn more details, please reach out to your success manager.

How to create a payment

Step 1: Log onto Roofr and find your invoice by:

  • Searching for the job that you are sending the invoice out for
  • Visiting the Invoice Dashboard

Step 2: Click on “Create Payment” in the upper right hand corner of your invoice.

Note: You cannot create payments for invoices that are in draft status. You must add at least one invoice item as well as a due date in order to collect payment.

Step 3: Add in payment details including payment date, payment method, and payment amount.

Note: Payment notes are optional but can be used for internal tracking purposes.

Note: This is just to create a manual record of the payment. If you would like to process credit cards or ACH, you will need to sign up for Roofr Payments. You can reach out to our team at [email protected]

Step 4: After your payment is created, it will be displayed on the invoice in the payments section.

Step 5: You can continue to take payments on an invoice until the balance reaches $0. Once your invoice balance reaches $0, the invoice status will automatically update to be “Paid”

Note: If you emailed a copy of this invoice to your customer, their invoice will automatically update as well to show the latest invoice status as well as the applied payments.

What’s next:

  • Integrated Credit Card and ACH Payments - When you sign up for our integrated payment processing feature, customers will see the option to enter in their credit card or ACH details and process a charge from their own device.
  • To find out more please email [email protected]

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