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How to Manage Your Invoice Settings

How to create consistency for your invoices to keep branding and billing consistent.

Last updated
October 29, 2023

What it does?: Creates consistency for your invoices to keep branding and billing consistent.

Purpose: Set up default values to be used for all future invoices

  • Preview your invoice headers with your company details
  • Create a default invoice memo which can be used to include invoice or payment terms
  • Set up a default invoice footer for additional company details — like a Yelp or review page

Available On: Pro, Premium, & Elite Plan

Note: This feature is in beta, to sign up or learn more details, please reach out to your success manager.

How to manage your invoice settings

Step one: Log onto the Roofr platform and click on Invoices

Step two: Select “Settings” at the top of your page

Step three: Here is where you set your optional invoice notes. Click edit to begin editing your default memo and default footer.

Note: When you set a default memo and footer, these will be automatically applied to all future invoices.

Step four: After you have set your default memo and footer, click “Save Edit” to save your changes.

Note: If you choose to leave either of these fields empty, they will be hidden from your customer’s invoice.

You can always update the memo and footer on an individual invoice. Learn more about creating individual invoices here.

Step five: Once your invoice settings look good to go, you are ready to create invoices!

What’s next?

We are constantly improving our offerings for invoicing and FinTech. Here’s a sneak peak at what’s coming next:

  • Quickbooks Integration - Streamline your accounting workflows and export invoices and payments directly from Roofr into your Quickbooks accounts.
  • Invoicing Templates - Create templates that can be used for different kinds of jobs.
  • Invoicing Terms - Set default payment terms that can be applied to invoices to ensure that you are getting paid on time.
  • If you would like to learn more about any of these upcoming features, or if you have any suggestions, please email [email protected]

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