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How to Create an Invoice from a Proposal

Learn how to convert your proposals to an invoice with a single click.

Last updated
April 29, 2024

What it does: Remove the need for duplicate entry and ensure that you are properly billing your customers based on a signed proposal.

Purpose: Convert the details from your customer proposal into an invoice. For a detailed overview of Invoices visit the How to Create and Edit Invoices article here.

Prerequisites: Proposals must be be marked as won and cannot have an adjusted subtotal

Available On: Pro, Premium & Elite Plans

Creating an Invoice from a Proposal

In order to create an invoice from a proposal, please ensure that it is marked as won and does not have an adjusted subtotal.

Step 1: From your list of proposals, select your won proposal you would like to convert to an invoice.

Step 2: Click the “Create” button in the upper right hand corner and choose “Create Invoice” from the drop down menu

Step 3: Select which options and upgrades you would like to copy over to your invoice.

If you bill separately for different trades and verticals, this will be the easiest way for you to separate your invoices and ensure all of your information is copied over correctly.

Note: Upgrades are only available on Premium and Elite plans. Visit our subscription page to upgrade.

Step 4: After you select your options and upgrades, you will see a preview of all of your line items.

Step 5: After you click “Done”, your invoice will automatically be created with the same line items and column view settings on your original proposal.

Step 6: Finally, add a due date and you are ready to send out your invoice! Learn more about How to Send an Invoice here.

Creating an Invoice from the Job

You can also create an invoice directly from your job record. From here you can create an invoice from scratch, or choose a won proposal.

Step 1: In the Invoice section of your job record, click “Create invoice”.

Step 2: Select which won proposal you would like to create an invoice for. Or if you would like to create an invoice from scratch, choose “Create without proposal”.

Step 3: Once you select your proposal, you will see the same preview of line items to import and you can finish creating your invoice!

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