How to Integrate Roofr with Other Platforms (Zapier Integration)

Learn how to integrate Roofr with your CRM.

Last updated
February 1, 2024

What it does: Allows you to integrate Roofr data with other platforms using Zapier.

What it doesn't do:

  • Can’t share information from your CRM to Roofr (one-way data only)
  • Can’t share report information from Roofr to your CRM, including:
  1. Report downloaded
  2. Report pitch
  3. Report created
  4. Report address
  5. Report material calculations

Integrates with: Job Nimbus, JobProgress, Zoho, HubSpot, MailChimp, Salesforce, and much more.

Purpose: Automatically share information from Roofr to your CRM (and other platforms)

  • Automatically send Proposal status to CRM
  • Set up reminders for your sales team to follow up with clients
  • Connect sales data from Roofr to CRM

Prerequisites:  Zapier Account.

Available On: Free, Pro, Premium & Elite Plans

Create a Zapier Account

Note: If you already have a Zapier account, log in to your account and skip to step four.

Step One: Create a Zapier Account. Start by navigating to

Step Two: Sign up to Zapier using your email address.

Step Three: Enter your profile details.

Step Four: Search for Roofr and JobNimbus in the apps that you use frequently.

Note: In this example we are using JobNimbus, if you need help setting up your Zapier integration please reach out to your Account Manager.

Connect Roofr to Zapier (Create Trigger Event)

Step One: In your Zapier account navigate to the top left and click Create Zap!

Step Two: From the new Zap page click Trigger and then search for Roofr

Step Three: In "Trigger Event" click Choose an Event and select Proposal Sent

Step Four: Click Continue

Step Five: If you have never connected your Zapier account to Roofr, you'll be prompted to connect your Roofr account.

Step Six: Click "Sign in to Roofr"

Step Seven: Click the hyperlink to Roofr

Step Eight: Scroll down to the section titled Zapier.

Step Nine: Enter a token name such as Roofr and Zapier.

Step Ten: Click Create a token.

Step Eleven: Copy and paste the token by clicking the blue squares.

Step Twelve: Go back to the previous Zapier page, and enter the key you have copied into the text field and click Yes, Continue.

Note: If the Zapier page has closed during the token creation process go back to Zapier and repeat steps 1-4 above before moving to step 13 below.

Step Thirteen: Select your connected Roofr account and click "Continue"…

Step Fourteen: Click Test trigger then click Continue.

Note: You'll also need to complete the next section "Connect JobNimbus to Zapier" (if you use JobNimbus). Once that is connected, complete the steps above again to create a trigger (excluding steps 6-12). Then, move on to the section in this article title "Create an Action Event (Sends Info to CRM)".

Connect JobNimbus to Zapier

Step One: Log into your JobNimbus account.

Step Two: Click on your profile icon or initials in the top right corner.

Step Three: Select Settings from the drop-down menu.

Step Four: From the Settings menu on the left, open the API tab.

Step Five: Click on the New API key button.

Step Six: Under the "Description" column, choose Zapier from the drop-down menu.

Step Seven: Assign an Access Profile with Settings access.

Step Eight: Click Save.

Step Nine: Copy the newly generated key

Step Ten: Sign in to your Zapier account

Step Eleven: Select the My Apps tab from the menu on the left.

Step Twelve: Click the blue Add connection button.

Step Thirteen: Search for "JobNimbus".

Step Fourteen: A new page will open. Input your copied API key and click "Yes, Continue" to allow Zapier access to your JobNimbus account.

Create an Action Event (Sends Info to CRM)

Note: We are using JobNimbus as an example, you can use these steps with any CRM. The following steps begin after step 12 in the second section above titled "Connect Roofr to Zapier (Create Trigger Event)".

Step One: Click into the field Search apps… and type JobNimbus (or desired software).

Step Two: Click into the field Action Event and select Find Contact by Email, then click Continue.

Step Three: Select the JobNimbus account which you connected in the previous step, then click Continue.

Step Four: In the email field click show all option and select customer email, then click Continue.

Step Five: To test the next step you will need to create a new JobNimbus contact.

Step Six: Navigate to JobNimbus.

Step Seven: Create a new contact in JobNimbus with the email [email protected].

Step Eight: Navigate back to Zapier and and click Test & Continue.

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