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How to Request Credit Card & ACH Payments

Learn how to create a payment request and follow up on requests.

Last updated
March 13, 2024

What it does: Enable your customers to provide payment from their personal devices.

Purpose: Email customers a link to their invoice with an included payment request to streamline your payment collection workflows.

  • Easily specify the requested amount to accommodate partial payment or deposits.
  • Allow certain payment methods depending on your business logic and customer preferences
  • Track existing payment requests and follow up as necessary

Prerequisites: You must be a Roofr Payments customer. Learn more and sign up: How to Sign Up for Roofr Payments

Available On: Pro, Premium & Elite Plans

Creating a Payment Request:

Step 1: Payment requests can be created through the “Send Invoice” workflow.

Step 2: To start, click on “Preview and Send” in the upper right hand corner of the invoice

Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of the email to view your payment request details. By default, we include payment request link.

Note: If you are just sharing the invoice for informational purposes and do not want to include the payment link, you can toggle this off.

Step 4: When you choose to accept online payments, you are able to customize a number of different fields.

  1. Accepted Payment Types: This will impact the payment types your customer will be able to provide when they view their invoice. If you only want to accept ACH for a given payment, you can uncheck “credit card”.
  2. Requested Amount: You can choose to request a specific dollar amount of a percentage of the invoice total. This can be helpful in the case that you are taking a deposit. For example, you can request a 10% deposit after contract signature.
  3. Due Date: Select a date in the future in order to ensure customers are paying on time.

Following Up on Payment Requests

Step 1: After a payment request has been sent to your customer, you will see the request displayed on the invoice.

Step 2: When you are viewing a payment request, you can take one of 3 actions:

1. Resend Payment - When you select this option, the email drawer will open up and the payment request details will be displayed.

2. Record Payment - Allows you to process payment for an existing payment request. This will allow you to provide customer payment details, or manually record payments, if a customer calls in or drops off a check for you.

3. Cancel Request - If you need to make any changes to the payment request, you can cancel the request and create a new one. When you cancel a payment request, it will be displayed on your invoice as canceled.

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